TPI 270 400A AC Clamp Meter

  • Relative mode, peak hold, min/max recording, and data hold
  • DC microamp and temperature ranges for HVAC applications
  • Measures AC current and several other electrical variables
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TPI 270 400A AC Clamp Meter

The TPI 270 400A AC Clamp Meter provides excellent value and offers measurement for AC current up to 400A and AC/DC voltage up to 600V. Additional measurements include resistance up to 40Ω, frequency up to 400MHz, capacitance up to 40,000µF, and temperature from -34˚C to 537˚C. A DC microamp range (400µA) allows the user to test smoke detectors and it is suitable for a range of other HVAC tasks whilst continuity and diode testing is also available.

Several other advanced measurement features supplement the basic functionality on the TPI 270. It boasts min/max recording and data hold whilst peak hold captures the highest value recorded. Relative mode permits comparison between two values as well as differential temperature. Automatic and manual ranging allow the user to choose between accuracy and precision whilst high resolutions for each parameter help give an in-depth picture of system performance.

The TP 270’s slim design allows it to be worked into tight and awkward spaces whilst all results are shown on a clear digital display that also features an analogue bar graph. Non-contact voltage detection adds additional security alongside the Cat II 1000V and Cat III 600V safety ratings. The meter is supplied with a thermocouple, test leads and a case. A three-year manufacturer’s warranty covers the device and it has an 80-hour battery life.

Key Features

  • AC/DC voltage measurement: 0 to 600V
  • AC current measurement: 0 to 400A
  • DC microamp measurement: 400µA
  • Resistance range: 40Ω
  • Frequency range: 400MHz
  • Capacitance range: 40,000µF
  • Temperature range: -34˚C to 537˚C
  • Min/max recording, data/peak hold
  • Relative mode
  • Automatic and manual ranging
  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • Cat II 1000V, Cat III 600V
  • Three-year warranty
  • 80-hour battery life

What's In The Box?

  • TPI 270 400A AC Clamp Meter
  • GK11M Standard K-Kype Thermocouple Probe
  • A085 UL Listed Silicone Test Lead Set with Crocodile Clips (clip-on)
  • A270 Soft Carrying Pouch
  • Instruction manual
  • Basic DC Accuracy: 0.5%
  • DC Voltage (maximum): 600V
  • Resolution (maximum): 0.1mV
  • AC Voltage (maximum): 600V
  • Resolution (maximum): 0.1mV
  • DC Amps(maximum): 400µA
  • Resolution (maximum): 0.01µA
  • AC Amps(maximum): 400A
  • Resolution (maximum): 0.01A
  • Resistance (maximum): 40Ω
  • Resolution (maximum): 0.1Ω
  • Frequency (maximum): 400MHz
  • Resolution (maximum): 0.001KHz
  • Capacitance (maximum): 40,000µF
  • Resolution (maximum): 0.001nF
  • Temperature (maximum) 1,000°F
  • Resolution (maximum) 0.1°
  • Diode: Test Current Max 1.5mA
  • Continuity: Buzzer sounds at <approx. 35Ω
  • Response time; 50ms
  • Agency Approval: CEIEC 1010: CATIII; 600V cULus 61010
  • Overall Dimensions: 10” x 1.3” x 2.5” (255 x 32.5 x 65mm)
  • Weight: .8 lbs (363g)
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