TPI 9038 Eight-Channel Smart Vibration Monitor

  • Eight channels for accelerometers plus temperature and tachometer inputs
  • Current, voltage, USB and ethernet outputs for different operating modes
  • Provides round-the-clock monitoring of critical production plants
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TPI 9038 Eight-Channel Smart Vibration Monitor

The TPI 9038 Eight-Channel Smart Vibration Monitor is characterised by inputs for up to eight accelerometers, temperature measurement, and tachometers, thereby allowing in-depth, round-the-clock monitoring of production plants. Outputs include 24V DC voltage, 4 to 20mA current, a USB port, and an ethernet port. Velocity and g can both be measured whilst separate alarms for each channel can be adjusted to warn of abnormal or problematic vibration.

A range of different operation modes are available with the TPI 9038. As a standalone device, the warning alarms can alert the user to any problematic vibrations in production plants whilst it can also be connected to a legacy system through the 4mA to 20mA outputs. Furthermore, the USB port allows connection with a computer where optional C-Trend II software can be used to analyse findings. Finally, the ethernet cable can be used to remotely access results via the internet.

With eight channels and the capability to provide constant monitoring on critical production plants, the TPI 9038 gives comprehensive cover for companies and professionals in the production sector.

TPI part number: 9038

Key Features

  • Eight-channels for accelerometers
  • Temperature and tachometer inputs
  • 24V DC outputs
  • 4 to 20mA output
  • USB and ethernet ports
  • Multiple operation modes
  • Optional C-Trend II analysis software
  • 24/7 monitoring on plants
  • Cloud operation
More Information


  • IEPE Accelerometer Input Channels: 8
  • Accelerometer Sampling Frequency: 25.6kHz
  • 4-20mA Output Channels: 8
  • 24VDC Digital Outputs: 8
  • 24VDC Dig. Output Current Max: 100mA
  • Digital Output Alarm: Acceleration or Velocity (Channel Selectable)
  • Tachometer Input: 1 (0V to any voltage upto +24VDC)
  • Frequency Dependent Alarms: Yes (using Tachometer)
  • Temperature Input: 1 (Typically 10mV/°C)
  • PC Connection: USB
  • Internet/Cloud Connection: Ethernet

PC Software

  • Vibration Alarms: 8
  • Temperature Alarm: 1
  • Alarm Choice: Acceleration AND/OR Velocity (channel selectable)
  • FFT: 800 lines as Standard / Up to 51,200 lines option
  • Time Waveform: Yes (C-Trend II)


  • Supply Voltage: USB or 24VDC
  • Supply Current: 500mA


  • Environmental: IP50
  • Operating Temperature °C: 0-55°C (32-151°F)
  • Storage Temperature °C: 0-55°C (32-151°F)
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Part Number: 9038
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