Kane 457 PRO Kit Flue Gas & Ambient Air Quality Analyser

  • The Kane 457 Pro kit has been produced alongside several major boiler manufactures such as Ideal, Vaillant and Ferroli to ensure users are receiving an instrument packed with modern features.
  • As part of the package users will receive a host of additional flue gas, air quality, pressure and temperature analysis accessories designed to ease and speed up all contractual work. 
  • Qualifies for KANE CARE after sales support.
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Kane 457 PRO Kit Flu Gas & Ambient Air Quality Analyser
Kane 457 PRO Kit Flue Gas & Ambient Air Quality Analyser

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    Product Details

    Kane 457 PRO Kit Flu Gas & Ambient Air Quality Analyser

    The Kane 457 Pro kit has been developed to offer users the most comprehensive flue gas package available on the market. Included in the Pro Kit is a host of flue gas and air quality accessories designed to make boiler installs and contractual work easier and more efficient.

    The Kit includes the a professional flue gas analyser Kane 457, Kane KMIRP-2 Infrared Printer, Kane GLD450+ Gas Leak Detector, 2 KPCP Pipe Clamp Probes , KAL1 Air/Liquid Probes a pressure hose and a large soft carry case.

    The primary accessory within the kit is the Kane 457 analyser a handheld lightweight instrument that comes complete with a protective rubber holster and integrated magnet. The meter is easy to operate featuring a large rotary dial and large backlit display for low light conditions.

    The instrument is extremely versatile allowing the user to measure CO2, CO and ratio ideal for commissioning boilers and fires and will even detect the poison index efficiency (gross net and condensing). The analyser is also capable of measuring differential pressure including stabilisation, tightness tests and let-by. A user can choose from flow/return, inlet/outlet, and hot/cold measurements. As a combined atmosphere tester the 457 model can also be used to monitor temperature over a selectable time frame making it suitable for more in-depth air quality analysis.

    The Kane 457 is unique in the respect that it has an internal memory allowing a user to recall up to 99 records and test parameters. The 457 works seamlessly with the Kane IRP-2 infrared printer included giving anyone the option to print test information wirelessly. The IRP-2 is thermal which elevates the need to install ink cartridges and is capable of faster printing for either a personal or client based record. Files can be transferred to an iOS or Android smart device via an optional Bluetooth module which uses Kane Live software or the Kane printer app. Please select this option when adding to basket.

    As part of the kit Kane have included the GLD450+ Gas Leak Detector perfect as a secondary gas leak detector where a preliminary check might be useful. The GLD450+ is lightweight and small specialising in tight spaces and has been designed to rapidly pinpoint harmful gases before an in-depth analysis takes place. 

    The second major benefit the kit offers is the inclusion of 2 KPCP Pipe Clamp Probes. These heavy duty exposed clamps are spring loaded and have been designed with a fast response thermocouple junction sensor for high accuracy. The KPCP clamps are commonly used on heating and ventilation applications when an engineer needs to set flow and return temperatures, balance heating and set thermostats. The Pro kit is extremely comprehensive and also includes a pressure hose and the Kane KAL1 Air/Liquid Temperature probe which can be used either as a general purpose probe or for ventilation applications ranging from -50 to 500 °C.

    The Kane 457 Pro Kit has been developed with the leading boiler manufactures such as Ideal, Vaillant and Ferroli to ensure users are receiving a instrument packed with relevant time saving features.   

    KANE CARE: This product qualifies for Kane Care after sales support, guaranteeing you a 10 year 'No Quibble' warranty for your annual service, same day service & recertification and free tracked, next day delivery to Kane with returns. For more information please visit Kane.co.uk.

    Kane 457 PRO Kit Flu Gas & Ambient Air Quality Analyser Main Features

    • Comprehensive Package – Includes Kane 457 Analyser, KMIRP-2 Infrared Printer, GLD450+ Gas Leak Detector, 2 x KPCP Pipe Clamp Probes, Orange Pressure Hose, KAL1 Air/Liquid Probe and a Large Carry Case
    • Wide Combustion Test Range – Measure and Record CO ppm, CO2 in % or PPM and ratio and combustion analysis including poison index, efficiency (gross, net and condensing)
    • Faster Printing – Wireless printing to Kane IR printer
    • Long Life Sensors – Built in 5 year sensors
    • Ergonomically designed – Portable handheld device
    • Superior Accuracy – Data is automatically compensated for changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure.
    • Complies with current regulations – Designed for CMDDA1 Certification, BS8494, BS7967 and EN50379 compliant
    • Integrated Memory – Store 99 Combustion Tests
    • Inbuilt Torch and Backlit LCD – Perfect for low light conditions
    • Direct CO2 Analysis – Measure CO2 directly via infrared
    • Accurate pressure testing - perform stabilisation and tightness tests and timed let-by
    • Temperature measurements -inlet/outlet, flow/return and hot/cold measurements
    • Monitor ambient air quality – Time logged CO and CO2 profiles
    • ZEROCAL Capsule – Integrated Capsule purges the meter to remove all CO2
    What's In The Box?
    • Kane 457 Ambient Flue Gas Analyser
    • Kane KMIRP-2 Infrared Printer
    • 2 x Kane KPCP Pipe Clamp Probes
    • Orange Pressure Hose
    • Kane KAL1 Air/Liquid Probe
    • Kane Carry Case
    • Kane Flue Probe
    • Batteries
    • Kane Charger
    • Kane GLD450+ Gas Leak Detector
    • Kane Full Instruction Manual
    • Manufactures Calibration Certificate 
    More Information

    For more detailed information please download the Kane 457 Data Sheet

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