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Megger MFT1730 and Megger MFT1730 Onsite Multifunction Testers

Suitable for almost any electrical installation testing, the MFT1730 onsite offers a comprehensive specification. With consumers demanding a tester suitable for all scenarios, this model has become the most popular tester within the range. As the MFT1720 offers a very staple specification, the MFT1730 only offers a few additional, but critical specification tweaks.

Before we look at the additional specification benefits, it is important to note that the MFT1730 also comes supplied as an ‘onsite’ version that includes certification software and an earth test lead and spike kit for earth resistance testing.

The first specification addition is a 100V insulation resistance test that suits testing on voltage sensitive equipment and installations found in marine, aeronautical, telecoms, military and electrostatic applications to name a few.

Furthermore, the MFT1730 has the ability to test DC current/high frequency RCDs. Though not normally found in domestic or commercial premises, Type B RCDs are prominent in protecting DC supplies such as wind turbines, older solar photovoltaic systems (note new PV inverters have their own means of fault protection) and temporary DC generators.

Also included within the voltage, frequency and phase rotation function is a TRMS voltage monitor that offers a more accurate means of measurement.

The most significant change between the MFT1720 and the MFT1730 is the ability to conduct an earth resistance test. This means that the tester will accurately test earth resistance by using a series of earth spikes (included in the onsite version) buried into the ground. This is of specific interest not only to electricians working on temporary generator supplies that require a means of earth, but also those working in remote rural areas where no means of electrical supply is present in order to test an electrode resistance value.

The above are the only differences between the MFT1720 and MFT1730 when it comes to electrical testing, but it is important to know that the MFT1730 includes an on-board multi-layer memory in order to store test results.

Test results are organised in a sequence of layers:

  • Job number
  • Distribution board number
  • Circuit number
  • Finally the test result itself

Test results are downloaded using Bluetooth and certificates compiled using Megger’s Powersuite software package (included in the onsite version). This can be a confusing task should multiple jobs be completed on the same day; it is recommended to keep another record of results for easier recollection.

The MFT1730 also operates from a rechargeable battery pack, which is very convenient. Note that standard alkaline type batteries can be used by programming the tester using the setup menu.

Are The MFT1730 or MFT1730 Onsite Right For Me?

To conclude, the MFT1730 is certainly a very inclusive model of multifunction tester. It is suitable for any breed of 17th edition electrician and consideration for the Megger MFT1735 should only be necessary for additional earth testing capabilities, typically carried out by utility engineers where BS7671:2008; Amendment 3 2015 (17th edition) will not apply.

For more information about the Megger MFT1700 Series, check out our overview or the chart below. The last in our series focuses on the MFT1735 Multifunction Testers and can be found here.

Megger MFT 1700 Quick Comparison Chart

MFT1710 MFT1720 MFT1730 MFT1730 Onsite MFT1735
200mA Continuity Test
Automatic Start Continuity Test
Insulation Resistance Test 250 & 500V 250, 500 & 1000V 100, 250, 500 & 1000V 100, 250, 500 & 1000V 100, 250, 500 & 1000V
RCD Test
Automatic RCD Test
RCD Ramp Test
Type B RCD Test
2 Wire Anti-trip Loop Test
Z-Ref Loop Feature
Z-Max Loop Feature
2 & 3 Pole Earth Resistance Test
ART Earth Resistance Test Option
Stakeless Earth Resistance Test Option
Earth Spike Kit Included
Download Memory
Software Included
Leakage Current Measurement Option Option Option Option
Remote Test Probe Included

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