Martindale EasyPAT 2100 PAT Tester

  • Performs flash, run current and run leakage testing.
  • Suitable for both 230V and 110V appliances.
  • Ideal for construction sites, hire & repair shops and production lines.
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Martindale EasyPAT 2100

The Easy PAT 2100 is the top of the range manual portable appliance tester by Martindale Electric. It is a high speed unit with simple push button test selection to speed up productivity and maximise profits. It is a dual voltage PAT tester i.e. It has the ability to test 240V and 110V electrical appliances.

This popular EPAT2100 PAT testing machine has an easy to read display for the test results. The EasyPAT is just what it says an "Easy PAT" Tester for testing the electrical safety of electrical equipment items like: kettles, vacuums, toasters, fridges, computers, televisions, printers, fax machines, power tools and IEC leads. It will also test all of your 110V power tools, so the perfect manual tester for construction sites & hire shops.The Martindale EasyPAT 2100 is one of the top manual PAT Tester on the market. It comes in a rugged carry case with carrying handle.

The Flash Test facility evaluates whether the electric insulation section of an electric equipment or parts have sufficient dielectric strength for the working voltage. It is also called dielectric withstand test or hipot test. It is only recommended to be use by repair centres or where manufacturers recommend that it be carried out.

What's In The Box?

  • 500 Pass Labels
  • 200 Fail Labels
  • Removable earth bond lead
  • Flash Test pistol probe with trigger
  • 110 volt adaptor
  • 230V Extension Lead Adaptor
  • Carry bag for accessories, attached to Easy PAT 2100
  • Spare Fuses
  • Instruction manual
  • Manufacturers Product Verification Certificate
  • 24 months manufacturers warranty

Earth Continuity Test (100mA)

  • Test Voltage: 130mV DC nominal open circuit
  • Test Current: 100mA DC nominal constant current
  • Range: 0 - 1.99O
  • Accuracy of Indication: ±10% of reading ±2 digit

Earth Continuity Test (8A & 25A)

  • Test Voltage: 6V AC nominal with no load
  • Test Current: 25A AC nom @ 0.1O (25A)
  • 8A AC nom @ 0.1O (8A)
  • Display Range: 0 - 1.99O
  • Accuracy of Indication: ±10% of reading ±2 digits

Insulation Test

  • Test Voltage: 500V DC -0% +20% at 0.5MO
  • Short Circuit Current: 1.5mA DC nominal
  • Display Range: 0 - 19.9MO
  • Accuracy Of Indication: ±5% ±1 digit of reading

Run Current Test

  • Display Range: 0 - 19.9A
  • Usable Range: 0 - 13.0A (Dependent on mains plug fuse)
  • Accuracy of Indication: ±10% of reading ±1 digit

Run Leakage Test

  • Display Range: 0 - 19.9mA AC
  • Accuracy of Indication: ±10% of reading ±1 digit

Flash Test

  • 1.5kV AC for Class 1
  • 3kV AC for Class II


  • Size: 330x263x144mm (Excluding bag)
  • Material: ABS/Polycarbonate
  • Colour: Yellow/Clear
  • Weight: 5.25kg nominal
  • Supply Voltage: 110V/230V±10% 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 10/220VA (excluding run)
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