Martindale PC15250 Phase Sequence Indicator

A 3 Phase Sequence and Continuity Indicator. Helps you identify continuity in 3 phase electrical systems and correct 3 phase rotation.
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Martindale PC15250 Phase Sequence Indicator - MARPC15250

The Martindale PC15250 Phase Sequence and Continuity Indicator will quickly and simply prove continuity of all three lines (or identify which are faulty) and shows the sequence of phase rotation on 3 phase electrical systems.

It gives a fast, effective method of identifying worn or unmarked three phase cables and ensures 3 phase outlets and machines are wired correctly.

The Martindale PC15250 has retractable GS38 probe shields which give a choice between long exposed tips for reaching inaccessible contacts and safer, shorted lengths for increased safety. Part No MARPC15250