Megger 1001-977 Two Wire Fused Test Leads (Red and Green)

SKU: MEGG1001977
The Megger 1001-977 two wire 10A fused test leads are a high quality double insulated test lead set compatible with a wide range of Megger multifunction testers, Insulation testers and Multimeters. 
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Megger 1001-977 Two Wire Fused Test Lead Set

Please note: this product has been discontinued. A direct replacement is available here.

Megger’s high quality 2 wire 10A fused test lead set is an ideal replacement for a wide range of multifunction testers.

Megger are renowned for quality lead sets and the 1001-997 are no exception. The leads are fitted with a 10Amp fuse for added safety and come double insulated as standard. As you might expect the tips are fitted to comply with GS38 and are rated up to 600V.

As an added benefit the 4mm leads are at a right angle and are safety shrouded bananna plugs for ease of use, this also means that they are suitable for all multimeters, clamp meters and insulation testers which will accept 4 mm (0.16in) connectors.

Megger part number: 1001-977

What's In The Box?

  • 1 Pair Right angled connectors 4mm double Insulated test leads (Red & Green)
  • 1 Pair Fused probes (Red & Green)
  • 1 Pair crocodile clips (Red & Green)
  • 1 Pair removable GS38 tips
  • 1 Red CAT III 1000V Probe