Megger DCM300E Earth Leakage Clampmeter AC

The Megger DCM300E is a auto-ranging AC Clamp Meter (30mA, 300mA, 30A & 300A)(0.01mA resolution) and has a CATIII 300V Safety Rating.
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Megger DCM300E Earth Leakage Clampmeter AC 6111-284

The Avo/Megger DCM300E is a High Resolution AC Clamp Meter thats perfect for checking nuisance tripping RCD's The DCM300E is designed primarily to check earth leakage currents with a dedicated 30 mA range providing resolution down to 10 µA but can also test earth leakage on RCD's rated at: 300 mA, 30 A and 300 A (Resolution 0.01 mA)

Normal use for the DCM300E would be the measurement of earth leakage current in a circuit where the GFCI repeatedly trips out. The measured result will quickly identify whether an excessive leakage current is causing the GFCI to trip, or if the GFCI itself is faulty. The analog style bargraph of the DCM300E is very useful when monitoring changes, allowing the operator to easily interpret the rapidly changing bargraph rather than the digital display. Other key functions include the "Data Hold" feature which aids in measurements where there is a problem with accessibility or poor lighting, and the automatic power off feature that extends the battery life.The Megger DCM300E AC clampmeter was also designed with safety in mind and exceeds the latest safety design standards IEC1010-2-32 and EMC requirements.

Megger DCM300E Key Features:

  • High Resolution
  • Data Hold
  • Auto Ranging
  • Wide Conductor Opening: 40mm
  • CATIII 300V Safety Rating
  • 4 Current Ranges: 30mA, 300mA, 30A & 300A
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