Megger MTK330 Electrical Test Equipment Kits

  • Contains Megger MIT330, LTW335 and RCDT330 for electrical installation testing
  • Suitable for domestic & commercial testing with storing & downloading capabilities
  • Rubber armoured testers for ultimate protection.
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Megger MTK330 Electrical Test Equipment Kits

The Megger MTK330 kit with its 3 instruments covers all the test requirements of the electrical engineer or qualified electrician, performing electrical inspection and testing on domestic, commercial and industrial installations for single and three phase applications. This electrical testing kit contains a full set of instruments for testing electrical installations to BS7671, the 17th Edition wiring regulations, Part P and international electrical testing. The Megger MIT330 allows dead circuit testing (continuity, R1, R2 and insulation) and the Megger LTW335 and Megger RCDT330 help you get the test results required for your live testing (Loop impedance and RCD tripping time tests). All three test instruments have storage and download abilities.

Megger MTK 330 Testing Kit contains three quality testers:

Megger MTK330 Installation Kit features:

  • 3 test meters and associated leads
  • Rubber armoured instruments
  • Weatherproof IP54
  • Test leads included
  • Calibration certificates included
  • 3-year manufacturers warranty

What's In The Box?

  • Instruments and test leads
  • Megger calibration certificates
  • Batteries are already fitted

If you require a detailed specification please see the Megger MTK Series pdf Megger MTK Kits PDF

The Megger MTK330 test kits is also available for weekly hire, please click here for details.