Megger PSI410 Phase Sequence Indicator

Innovative three phase rotation meter with simple audible and optical indication of direction. CAT IV 600V rated for industrial applications.
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Megger PSI410 Phase Sequence Indicator 1001-612

The new Megger PSI410 phase rotation indicator is a self powered unit that provides rapid indication of correct phase sequence using three dual-coloured LEDs and a specific audible tone. Clockwise rotation is indicated by green LEDs that light in a clockwise sequence with a continuous tone. Anti-clockwise rotation is shown by red LEDs lighting in a counter clockwise sequence and a warbling tone. The LED display of the PSI phase tester also indicates if all three phase are present, a green LED indicates a present phase, a red LED shows a missing phase connection. The dual phase colour coding means that the unit is simple to use on both brown/black/grey and red/yellow/blue colour coded supplies. The PSI410 has been designed to provide a slow rotational lighting speed to allow for easy identification and prevent the display rotating at the supply frequency.

The Megger PSI 410 phase sequence indicator has a tough, rugged case suitable for an industrial environment and comes supplied with long fused test leads with croc-clips and prods. The prods have insulated tips exposing less than 4mm of the tip. The PSI410 is an ideal addition to an electrician's tool kit and provides a quick and simple means of checking phase sequence on motor, pump and air conditioning three phase supplies. Correct sequence of the phases is vital with many motors and pumps as damage to brakes and valves will occur in minutes with incorrect phasing.

Megger PSI410 Phase Rotation Indicator Key Features:

  • LED clockwise and anti-clockwise phase rotation indication
  • Audible indication of direction
  • Phase condition LED signalling
  • Fused test leads
  • Croc clips and prods supplied
  • Dual phase colour identification

What's In The Box?

  • Megger PSI410 Phase Rotation Meter
  • Croc clips and Prods
  • Rotation display: 3 x red/green LEDs
  • Phase connection indication: Phase present indication = 195 to 265 V
  • Clockwise rotation (audible): continuous tone
  • Counter clockwise (audible): warble tone (0.4 s on / 0.4 s off)
  • Maximum voltage (phase to phase): 500V
  • Frequency: 50Hz +/- 1 %
  • Phase colour coding: L1 (Brown / Red) L2 (Black / Yellow) L3 (Grey / Blue)
  • Power supply: From a minimum of two phases connected in any position
  • Operating temperature: 5°C - 40°C <80% RH
  • Storage temperature: 0 - 40°C
  • Safety: IEC61010 CAT IV 600 V
  • Test lead length: 830mm
  • Test lead fuse rating: SIBA 10A 600V
  • Dimensions: 78 x 137 x 31mm
  • Weight: 850g