Metrel aPAT App

  • Remotely operate your GammaPAT or DeltaPAT using your phone.
  • Simultaneously enter appliance data into the app as tests are performed.
  • Built-in risk assessment forms allow risk-based re-test periods to be calculated.
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Metrel aPAT App

Metrel aPAT is an Android-only app that allows users to connect their Android phones via Bluetooth with either the GammaPAT or DeltaPAT appliance testers. Once connected, you can then remotely operate the PAT tester directly from your phone and perform the desired tests, particularly useful in confined spaces when access to the tester is restricted.

A further benefit of the aPAT app is the ability to simultaneously enter appliance data while the tests are being performed, speeding up the PAT testing process and allowing more appliances to be tested in a shorter space of time. In addition, there are built-in risk assessment forms so that the re-test period for each appliance can be calculated in accordance with the 4th Edition of the IEE Code of Practice.

Once testing has been completed the Metrel aPAT app can communicate with an optional printer to allow a choice of simple Pass/Fail labels, standard barcode or QR coded labels to be printed. When re-testing appliances you can then use your phone’s camera as a barcode scanner to quickly recall appliance data. If using QR coded labels, the scan will also enable your PAT tester to automatically set-up as it was when the appliance was first tested with all previous test results recalled.

The Metrel aPAT App is available from the Google Play Store

Please note that this app is only compatible with Android phones and not iPhones.

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