Socket & See PDL 234 PLUS Installer Loop Testing Kit

As used by over 8000 British Gas Engineers. 4 in 1 digital tester - loop, mains voltage, correct wiring, correct polarity for Part P testing
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Part P Loop Testing Kit - Socket and See PDL234 Plus Kit

The Socket and See PDL 234 PLus Loop Testing Kit is ideal anybody involved in Earth Loop testing for Part P or the 17th Edition wiring regulations. This Socket & See PDL234 Plus Kit comes with a fused test lead set to GS38 for safety and a carry case. The fused test lead set uses the new harmonised mains colours of brown and blue - the strain relief is in red and black to give a reminder of the changes, ideal for Part P installers.(click the main image above to see the detail)

PDL 234 PLUS Multifunction Installer Loop Testing Kit Key Features:

  • 4 in 1 tester - loop, mains voltage, correct wiring, correct polarity
  • Complete with fused test lead set on this PDL234 Plus Kit
  • Patented no-trip loop test technology on the PDL 234 Model
  • Fully protected against accidental phase to phase connection
  • Accurate mains voltage measurement to BS 7697, HD 472 S1
  • Built in proven SOK 32 correct wiring indication
  • Unique Polarity test gives ultimate overall system safety check

This product is used by 8000 British Gas engineers. If you are a Gas & Heating Engineer you may be interested in our Flue Gas Analysers

What's In The Box?

  • Socket & See PDL 234 Installer Loop Tester
  • Fused Test Leads Set including prods and crocodile clips
  • IECP UKA 13A Plug to IEC
  • Female Connector Included
  • PDLINS 234 Instruction Manual Included
  • TECC 10 Carrying Case