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Flue Gas Analysers & Kits

Flue Gas Analysers & Kits

Used to check the gases emitted from domestic and commercial properties, these flue gas analysers are an essential tool for servicing boilers and checking for safe operation and optimum efficiency. We stock flue gas analysers from Anton, Kane, Kimo and Testo and can supply them both individually or with additional probes and printers as part of a kit.
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About Flue Gas Analysers & Kits

Flue gas analysers allow the user to perform a wide range of tests on gas installations such as boilers in order to make sure they are safe to use. Measurement functions typically include carbon monoxide measurement, oxygen content measurement, combustion efficiency calculation, temperature measurement, pressure measurement and carbon dioxide calculation. Such testing functionality allows the flue gas analyser to perform proper commissioning of gas-powered appliances such as boilers.

Many of our flue gas analysers offer additional, optional functions such as NO measurement, H2 compensated oxygen and carbon monoxide measurement and even Bluetooth connectivity. Automatic boiler commissioning test sequences are also a feature whilst many can give readings for ambient CO, tightness and let by.

Our wide range of flue gas analysers features instruments from Anton, Kane, Kimo, Testo and TPI.