Seaward NTB-1 Portable RCD Isolator

The Seaward NTB-1 is the perfect adaptor for non-trip RCD testing. It is compatible with all PAT Testers.
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Seaward NTB-1 Portable RCD Isolator

The Seaward NTB-1 Portable RCD Isolator is an adaptor for use when RCD testing that allows users to test a portable RCD or RCD protected extension lead without the risk of tripping the main RCD in the installation. The NTB-1 portable RCD adaptor does this by providing an isolated mains supply which prevents unwanted tripping of any RCD at the main distribution board or consumer unit. This enables the user to continue testing without the worry of causing disruption to the premises they're working on.

The Third Edition of the IEE Code of Practice has meant increased significance of RCD testing and it is now a common electrical test procedure. Many PAT testers now incorporate an RCD test and the Seaward Non Trip Box is a lightweight RCD adapter that can be used easily and effectively with any make of PAT tester or RCD test instrument.

Part number: 372A953

Important Note

The NTB-1 is designed to isolate an instrument from a mains supply while testing RCDs – It cannot be used to power any mains powered equipment.

You may be able to use it to test a caravan RCD main switch, but this cannot be done with anything switched on in the caravan – the NTB-1 has a maximum apparent power rating of 17VA which means this unit can only handle power between approximately 10 to 20 watts.

To use the NTB-01 in this application you need to use an IEC lead to connect the NTB-01 to the mains supply, you then plug the caravan into the NTB-01 – this isolates the caravan from the supply.

Please note, the maximum RCD test current setting is 30mA. Therefore this device cannot be used to perform a 5 x rated residual operating current test, e.g. 150mA. It’s important that all circuit breakers in the off position.

The function of the NTB-1 is to prevent the power from tripping at the supply box, so a reduced voltage of 100V is used to ensure that the main supply is not tripped.

All appliances within the caravan should be removed from the sockets and turned off. Make sure that you are not exceeding the power rating, and that the RCD is only tested at 30mA. If any of these values are exceeded, then the NTB-1 is not suitable for testing.