Seaward TPA 3-Phase PAT Adaptor (16A)

New and unique three phase PAT adaptor for earth continuity & protective conductor current measurements on 3-phase machinery.
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Seaward TPA Three Phase PAT Adaptor (16A)

The Seaward TPA 3-Phase PAT Adaptor is a unique three phase test adaptor that allows earth continuity and protective conductor current measurements to be performed on 3 phase factory, industrial and workshop machinery. The Seaward Three Phase Adaptor has been designed only for use with the Seaward Primtest 250 PAT Tester. The TPA allows quick and easy earth continuity measurements without removing covers or disconnecting wires to gain access to the protective conductor in the incoming supply. Simply connect the adaptor in-line with the 3-phase equipment under test and then connect to the Primetest 250. At the push of a button, earth continuity and protective conductor current tests will commence and a digital reading of the measured values will be given on the PrimeTest 250 display. This Seaward TPA 16A version has star (5 pin) plugs and sockets and is powered from the 3 phase supply and requires no additional power supply or batteries.

Seaward 16 Amp, 5 pin 3-phase adaptor Part No. 391A920


Earth continuity

  • On 3-Phase machinery to the specification of the PrimeTest 250 PAT tester

Protective conductor current

  • Range: 0.1mA to 9.99mA
  • Accuracy: ± 10% ± 2 digits
  • Supply Voltage: 415V ± 10% at 50Hz
  • Maximum load current: 16A for TPA 5/16
  • Environmental Rating: IP Rating IP40
  • Overvoltage Category: CAT III 300V
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0ºC to 40ºC, without moisture condensation
  • Storage Temperature Range: -25ºC to 65ºC