Simple battery powered PAT tester for testing the electrical safety of portable appliances in the workplace SIMPLEPAT appliance tester
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SimplePAT Tester

Please Note: This product has been discontinued, replaced by the BATTPAT PAT Tester.

The Simple PAT portable appliance safety checker is an easy to use battery powered, manual PASS or FAIL portable electrical appliance safety checker.

The SimplePAT PATS tester has clear Pass or Fail LED indicators that show if the UK 240V electrical appliance or leads being checked are electrically safe. You only need to press a single button and then the SIMPLE PAT performs both an insulation test and earth bond test, and then gives you pass or fail indications for both electrical safety tests. When testing extension leads and computer IEC cords / leads it performs a polarity test as well.

The SIMPLEPAT can also test surge protected extension leads often found in office environments around IT equipment, if you have any long extension leads in excess of 20 metres then press the long lead button, the internal test limits are adjusted so you are less likely to get false fail indications.

PAT Training Services suggest performing common sense visual indications on appliances to check for any obvious visual defects that may affect the safety prior to using the SIMPLEPAT. So look at the appliance first for any electrical, mechanical or thermal damage that might affect the safety, making sure you inspect the plug, flexible cable and the body/case and switches of the appliance. Appliances can fail during a visual inspection, don't be afraid to use Fail labels. This small hand held SIMPLE PAT unit is ideal for most smaller companies, offices, shops etc and service applications. It performs fundamental safety checks on Class 1 (earthed) and Class II (double insulated) 240 volt ac UK electrical appliances.

What's In The Box?

  • Simple PAT Battery Powered Appliance Tester
  • Power Supply for Rechargeable Battery (Already Fitted)
  • Test Lead
  • Extension Lead Test Adaptor (Blue)
  • User manual
  • Appliance Register Form
  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty

Earth Continuity Test

  • Test current 150mA

Pass level

  • < 0.25 ohms for leads up to 10m
  • < 0.5 ohms - leads up to 25m

Insulation Test

  • 350 Volts DC


  • 45cm x 28.5 cm x 13 cm


  • 1.1 kg