Testo 510i Bluetooth Differential Pressure Meter

  • Accurately measures pressure from 0 to 150 hPa
  • Appropriate for gas flow assessment, static pressure readings and pressure drops
  • Simple configuration and handy specialised menu for pressure-drop testing
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Testo 510i Bluetooth Differential Pressure Meter

The Testo 510i Bluetooth Differential Pressure Meter is a light, versatile differential pressure gauge in the Testo Smart Probes range. It accurately measures pressure between 0 and 150 hPa (60wc) and is precise to 0.1 units in both hPa and wc to help assess gas flow, static pressure and pressure drops on ventilators and filters, as well as carrying out pressure-drop tests on gas pipes. Furthermore, the Testo 510i is also suitable for anemometer-type readings such as air flow speed and volume flow when used in conjunction with a Pitot tube (sold separately). The measurement rate of 2/sec provides real-time, ongoing readings throughout various system phases.

The Testo 510i manometer’s user-friendly design makes it practical for several tasks. For example, pressure-drop assessment has a dedicated menu on the Testo Smart Probes App with associated alarms on your phone in case of pressure falling outside pre-set limits. The configuration process is simple and the Testo 510i can be operated hands-free as the magnet attachment lets it sit vertically on a metal surface. Its lightweight design and 150h battery life make it excellent for use and transportation around a large site. Furthermore, the Testo 510i was a winner at the 2016 AGSM Gas Safety Awards so the user can have complete confidence in the instrument.

Like other products in the Testo Smart Probes range, the Testo 510i has Bluetooth connectivity and can communicate results for display and analysis on an iOS/Android smartphone or tablet. All the user needs to do in order to access these connectivity and analysis capabilities is download the free Testo Smart Probes App which will turn his/her smartphone or tablet into the Testo 510i's screen and data processor. The device can be bought individually or as part of the Testo Smart Probes Heating Set.

Testo part number: 05601510

Testo Smart App

The Testo 510i is compatible with the Testo Smart App, which is a free to download App on iOS and Android, suitable for use in all refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation applications. Users are able to operate, measure and document test results when using the Smart App alongside all compatible Testo Bluetooth enabled measuring instruments. Pro measurement programs air balancing and multi site measurements allow numerous sites to be managed simultaneously.

The App is easy to use thanks to the intuitive measurement menus with quick configuration and uncomplicated documentation design. All measurements are quickly viewable in just a few clicks with graphic and tabular curve displayed. Test measurements and customer data can be stored on the app, with reports easily generated and dispatched to customers and colleagues direct from the App.

The Testo Smart app is free to download and free to use, and is always up to date thanks to continuous updates and extensions from Testo. Data exchange is also available with the Testo PC software DataControl.

Up to six Smart Probes can work in tandem and information can be saved in Excel or as a .pdf report (including pictures).

Key Features

  • Data display and analysis via free Testo Smart Probes App for iOS and Android
  • Differential pressure measurement from 0 to 150 hPa (60wc)
  • Also measures air flow velocity and volume flow
  • Suitable for gas flow, static pressure and pressure drops as well as pressure-drop tests
  • Dedicated menu for pressure drop
  • Alarms for dangerous pressure levels
  • Magnet attachment for hands-free operation
  • 150-battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity to smartphone/tablet
  • 2-year warranty

What's In The Box?

  • Testo 510i Bluetooth Differential Pressure Meter
  • Testo 510i Bluetooth Differential Pressure Meter instructions
  • Hose set (Ø 4 mm and 5 mm)
  • Adapter
  • 3 x micro AAA batteries
  • Calibration protocol
  • Compatibility: iOS 8.3 or newer / Android 4.3 or newer + Bluetooth 4.0
  • Measuring range: 0 to 150 hPa / 60 in wc
  • Accuracy ± 1 digit: ± 0.05 hPa (0 to 1.00 hPa) / ± 0.02 in wc (0 to 0.4 in wc); ± 0.2 hPa + 1.5% of m.v. (1.01 to 150 hPa) ± 0.08 in wc + 1.5% of m.v. (0.41 to 60 in wc)
  • Overpressure: 500mBar
  • Resolution: 0.01hPa / 0.01 inch wc
  • Measurement rate: 2/sec
  • Available units of measurement: mbar, hPa, Pa, mmHg, inHg, in WC, psi, mmWC In conjunction with Pitot tube (optional): m/s, fpm, m³/h, cfm, l/s
  • Storage temperature: 20 °C to 60 °C / -4 to 140 °F
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C / -4 to 122 °F
  • Battery type: 3 micro batteries AAA
  • Battery life: 150h
  • Dimensions: 148 × 36 × 23 mm
  • Directives, standards and tests: EU guideline: 2014/30/EU
  • Warranty: 2 years