Testo instruments and Testo meters are used in the following sectors: HVAC-R: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and process industries. We are an authorised UK distributor and supplier of Testo instruments. The Testo instrument range of measurement parameters include: temperature, humidity, vacuum, velocity, air flow, compressed air measurement, gas analysis, rpm, pressure, sound, light, pH and thermal imaging cameras. If you need a Testo instrument that you cannot find on the site contact us on 0113 2489966 and we will try and help. We are a nominated 2018 Testo Gold Distribution Partner.

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  • Using Thermal Imaging to Trace Pipes and Locate Water Leaks


    The Problem:

    The presence of leaks in hot water systems is often first indicated by low boiler pressure or a constant need to top up the boiler, meaning that there is very little clue as to the location of a leak before investigations begin. Identifying hot water pipes throughout a property and finding water leaks can be a time-consuming and labour intensive process when the system is hidden under tiled or concrete flooring. Conventional inspections lead to digging up floors which in turn results in great expenditure in terms of both materials and labour as flooring is lifted and restored. Thermal imaging provides a cost-effective, time-saving solution to these problems.

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