Testo 750-1 Voltage Tester

  • Voltage testing, continuity testing and measurement of rotating magnetic field
  • Patented, all-round LED display that can be viewed from any angle
  • Anti-slip ring and light, ergonomic shape for ease of use
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Testo 750-1 Voltage Tester

The Testo 750-1 Voltage Tester is an innovative yet simple device from Testo which can be used for voltage testing, continuity testing and measuring rotating magnetic field in target electrical circuits. With a voltage testing range of 12 to 690V AC/DC and a continuity range of up to 500 kΩ, the Testo 750-1 is suitable for assessing low-voltage installations. For rotating magnetic field testing, the measurement range goes from 100 to 690V AC at 50/60Hz.

Results on the Testo 750-1 are instantly visible from any angle thanks to its patented all-round LED display which is made even clearer by the device’s unique fibre optic technology. The anti-slip ring and ergonomic, lightweight design make it easy and safe to manoeuvre.  The Testo 750-1 is rated as Cat IV up to 600V and Cat III up to 1000V as well as being compatible with the latest European standard for voltage testers (EN61243-3:2010) so the user can have confidence when using the tester.

The Testo 750-1 comes supplied with batteries, a measuring tip protector and measuring tip caps as well as a two-year warranty so the user has all he or she needs to get started straightaway. Overall, it is an affordable, accurate voltage tester that improves safety and practicality thanks to its unique LED display.

Testo part number: 05907501

Key Features

  • Voltage testing range: 12 to 690V AC/DC
  • Continuity testing range: <500Ω
  • Rotating magnetic field testing: 100 to 690 V AC at 50-60Hz
  • Cat IV to 600V, Cat III to 1000V
  • Patented all-round LED display
  • Fibre optic technology
  • Anti-slip ring
  • Light, ergonomic grip
  • Comes supplied with batteries, measuring tip protector and measuring tip caps
  • 2-year warranty
  • Compatible with EN 61243-3:2010

What's In The Box?

  • Testo 750-1 Voltage Tester
  • Testo 750-1 Voltage Tester instructions
  • Batteries
  • Measuring tip protector
  • Measuring tip caps
  • Voltage testing: 12 to 690V AC/DC
  • Continuity testing: <500kΩ
  • Rotating magnetic field testing: 100 to 690V at 50/60Hz
  • Measurement category: Cat IV to 600V, Cat III to 1000V
  • Protection class: IP64
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 50℃
  • Storage temperature: -10 to 60℃
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 270 x 70 x 35mm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Authorisations: TUV, CSA, CE
  • Standard: EN 61243-3:2010