Clare HAL101 AC/DC Hipot Tester

An advanced electrical safety, AC/DC Hipot, Insulation and Ground Bond tester with 6000 results memory perfect for the production line.
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Clare HAL101 Electrical Safety Tester - AC/DC Hipot and DC Insulation Tester

The Clare HAL series of electrical safety testers offer unrivalled flexibility and functionality in order to optimise both efficiency and quality of production line safety testing. The HAL101 is the entry-level model within the Clare HAL range, which is suitable for 50/60Hz AC or DC dielectric strength and DC insulation resistance testing.

Whether used within a laboratory or audit/product compliant environments, the Clare HAL101 user interface is clearly presented upon a large LCD display and can be operated in a manner of ways suitable for different test applications:

  • Manually operated by the push of a button, allowing for quick and simple testing
  • Manually programmed automatic test sequences, suitable for the demanding nature of a production line
  • ‘Test codes’ can be printed using an optional printer and scanned using an optional barcode for quick access to pre-programmed custom test sequences or individual tests
  • Furthermore, the Clare HAL101 can be operated by a PC or other suitable device by programming simple command protocols using the ‘Clare Tester Config Tool’, enabling a fully automated test process
  • Integrates into a programmable logic controller (PLC) circuit

It is possible to integrate the Clare HAL101 into most ISO quality systems. Traceability is an important aspect of any electrical safety programme and the Clare H101 can store up to 6000 test results internally which can be downloaded to a PC using optional ‘Safety E-base software’. 

Key Features

  • Configurable automatic test sequences
  • Ideal for mid-high volume production testing
  • Comply with EN50191

EN50191 and CE Implications

EN 50191 is a workplace safety standard that complements the product specific international technical CE standards under which all electrical and electronics products must be designed and manufactured.

These technical standards relate to various electrical safety and performance factors ensuring electrical products are constructed in accordance with good engineering practice and will not pose a danger to users. Products must adhere to the requirements of all relevant product safety standards, if they are to meet the requirements to bear the CE mark.

Examples include the Low Voltage and the Machinery Directive. The Clare HAL series are designed to help manufacturers fulfil these obligations, whilst maximising productivity. Clare testers have applications in the laboratory for design verification and type approval testing and on the production line for functional and safety testing, as well as quality control and audit.

In all cases the effective integration of the HAL101 with production line systems not only ensures vital regulatory compliance, but also significantly enhances productivity, product quality and litigation from electric shock.

Please click here for a guide to EN50191.

The Clare HAL In Operation

 Clare HAL Series Comparison Chart

Earth bond  -  -
AC dielectric strength          
DC dielectric strength          
DC insulation resistance          
ARC detection          
Leakage  -  -  -  ✔  ✔
Load power  -  -  -  ✔  ✔
High resolution load power (200mVA resolution)  -  -  -  -  ✔
Power factor  -  -  -  ✔  ✔
Test result storage memory  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
Automation option  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
Barcode scanner/printer option  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
Internal channel scanner  -  ✔  -  -  -


Please click here for full product specifications
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