Sofamel ECBT-MPUE (For Low Voltage Panels)

  • Earthing and short-circuit equipment for low-voltage electric panels
  • Protects an operator from accidental reinstating of voltage
  • Clamps can be utilised on a broad range of systems
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Sofamel ECBT-MPUE (For Low Voltage Panels)

The Sofamel ECBT-MPUE is an indispensable addition to any earthing and short-circuit kit, designed exclusively to keep the electrical engineer safe from harm when operating on low voltage distribution boards. The panel ensures the worker remains free from electrocution should the power accidentally be reinstated or a spontaneous voltage return.

The versatile Sofamel ECBT-MPUE can be applied to an extensive variety of installations such as bare cylindrical conductors, flat bars, bending bus-bars or fixing points. Significantly, safety is further increased by the addition of individual fixed safety handles on each clamp plus an IEC 61230 rating.

Sofamel part number: ECBT-MPUE/35

What's In The Box?
  • 1 x Sofamel ECBT-MPUE Earthing & Short-Circuit Equipment
  • 4 x MPUE aluminium alloy clamps featuring screw tighten and insulated grip
  • 3 x Copper cables with PVC insulation of 35mm2 section and 0.6m long
  • 1 x Copper cable with PVC insulation of 25mm2 section and 2m long
  • 1 x TT-38A milling earthing lathe
  • 1 x Plastic case
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Clamps suitable for:

  • Short circuit current max: 9KA/1s
  • Cylindrical conductors with diameter between 4 and 30mm
  • Flat bars max. 45mm
  • Bending bus-bars max. 45mm
  • Fixing points between ø20 and 25mm


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