Martindale HPAT500/2 PAT Tester

  • Performs high accuracy Class I, Class II, and lead testing without the need for complicated user inteference
  • The HPAT500/2 is lightweight and transportable, allowing for use in a variety of fields and areas
  • The user does not need to have a wealth of experience, with the easy-to-use instrument accessible for most users
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Martindale HPAT500/2 PAT Tester

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The Martindale HPAT500/2 PAT Tester is an easy-to-use hand held PAT tester, ideal for use in a wide range of locations. Equipped with simple one-button test selection, and the ability to conduct either a full Class I, Class II or lead test without any complicated inputs from the user. The HandyPAT will display the test results on the screen, aswell as an instant PASS/FAIL reading.

The HPAT500/2 is lightweight and easily-transportable, and comes with rechargeable batteries and a mains charger to limit downtime and ensure that ownership is cost effective. This allows for the instrument to be used around a wide range of environments in one use, proving to be a versatile purchase for PAT testing.

Should a failure be encountered, the HPAT500/2 will indicate the user, allowing them to restart the testing or take the appropriate action that is required. The user is also able to run a selectable 250V/500V insulation test, with the HPAT able to test both 230V and 110V appliances with ease. The user does not need to be a trained professional to utilise the exciting possibilities of the HPAT500/2.

Martindale part number: HPAT500

Key Features

  • One button, one sequence testing
  • Safe for testing all IT equipment
  • Battery powered and easy to use
  • Complies with the IET Code of Practice 4th Edition Pat testing guide
  • Supplied with rechargeable batteries and mains charger
  • Can run both 250V and 500V insulation tests
  • Lightweight and easily-maneuverable
  • Supplied with a durable carry case
  • Also comes with a removable test lead, a mains lead, and 6 rechargeable batteries

HPAT Comparison Table

  HPAT400 HPAT500/2 HPAT600/2
Class I/II Test
Lead Test
Pass/Fail Indication
Test Values Displayed X
Selectable Limits X X
Test Mode Auto Auto Auto/Manual
Run Test X X Simulated
Earth Continuity Test Current 200mA 200mA 200mA
Insulation Test Voltage 250/500V 250/500V 250/500v
110V Appliances With accessory With accessory With accessory
Memory X X 200 results for on-screen recall
Supply Alkaline batteries Rechargeable Rechargeable

What's In The Box?

  • Martindale HPAT 500 PAT Tester
  • Removable Test Lead
  • Carry Case
  • Mains Lead
  • 6 x 1.2V AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Instruction Manual for MARHPAT500
  • 2 year warranty

Earth Continuity

  • Test Current - 200mA DC
  • Range - 0-19.99Ω
  • Resolution - 0.01Ω
  • Accuracy - ± (5% rdg + 2 dgt)
  • Fixed Pass Limits - ≤ 0.10Ω/≤ 0.20Ω


  • Test Voltage - 250V/500V DC selectable
  • Test Current - 1.5mA
  • Ranges - 2.00MΩ, 20.0MΩ, 200MΩ
  • Resolution - 0.01MΩ
  • Accuracy - <100MΩ ± (5% rdg + 2 dgt), >100MΩ ± (10% rdg + 2 dgt)

Default Pass Level

  • Lead - ≥ 1.0 MΩ
  • Class I - ≥ 1.0 MΩ
  • Class II - ≥ 2.0 MΩ

Fuse Test

  • Voltage - 4V DC (open circuit)
  • Current - 200mA DC (short circuit)
  • Pass Level - >2mA

General Specifications

  • Overload Protection - 300V AC/DC
  • Complies with - BS EN 61010
  • Temperature Range - -10 to 40°C
  • Supply - 6 x 1.2V AA NiMH rechargeable batteries 1800mAh
  • Dimensions - 90 x 210 x 54mm
  • Weight - 700g (inc. batteries and leads)
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