FLIR Launches New Thermal Cameras

New FLIR Ex Series Blog

October sees the launch of an exciting new range of FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras, plus we also take a look at some recently released thermal footage from on-board Paul Di Resta's Force India car.

Starting at under £800+VAT the new ‘Ex’ series replaces the entry level ‘i’ series, which has proved to be a very popular range over the last few years. The new cameras offer a massive 45 degree field of view alongside more user-friendly firmware and an ergonomic re-design. All FLIR thermal imaging cameras now offer their patented MSX technology too, providing users with unprecedented levels of detail on their thermal images.

Thermography can be used in a wide range of applications with the likes of heating engineers and electricians using thermal cameras for finding under floor heating leaks and problem circuits to industrial plants who will frequently use them as part of a predictive maintenance schedule. Thermal imaging is an ever growing industry and footage was recently released showing how F1 teams have started to use thermal cameras to track tyre temperatures during qualifying.

The Pirelli branded tyres used for the 2013 season have been manufactured to provide worldwide audiences with exciting wheel to wheel racing. However, with the tyres degrading so rapidly it is in the interests of the team to try and minimise tyre wear in any legal way possible.

We recently had the opportunity to supply the Force India Formula One Team with a FLIR thermal camera to be used as part of their research and development programme. By mounting a thermal camera above the driver's head they are able to monitor the fluctuations in tyre temperature at various stages of a lap. After the Italian GP at Monza in September fans of Formula One were treated to the on-board footage from Paul Di Resta’s car, clearly showing areas of high surface temperature which in turn can lead to faster degradation.