Training Opportunities with Seaward

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To help professionals make the most out of their PAT Testers, Seaward are offering a series of complimentary training sessions in locations across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. With locations as diverse as Belfast, Norwich and Bradford, there is sure to be a session close by and everyone is invited to bring along their own PAT tester, regardless of brand.

Anyone can benefit from this training whether he/she is a novice looking to learn more about PAT testing or a seasoned professional hoping to update his/her working practices. Spaces are limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis so make sure to book your place soon. Unsuccessful applicants will be added to a waiting list.

PAT Workshop Structure

Workshops last for half a day and involve several different sections with an emphasis on practicality and product demonstrations. A technical presentation goes through the basic information and this is followed by an open group question and answer session which allows participants to benefit from one another’s knowledge and experience as well as bringing up any common issues that might affect PAT testing professionals. The session may also include one to one tech support and one to one product demonstrations to help clarify any specific problems or help iron out product-specific issues for instruments such as the Seaward Apollo series or the Seaward Primetest series.

PAT Workshop Content

In terms of content, Seaward’s workshops cover a wide range of material designed to give a comprehensive overview of PAT testing and help participants improve their processes at work. The seminar leader will use real-world examples to cover the legal requirements behind PAT testing in the UK in addition to discussing industry norms and common practice. PAT testing on a range of different electrical appliances will be undertaken as a matter of course and the session will also go through how to carry out PAT risk assessments. Wider structural themes will also be considered such as how to improve electrical safety throughout an organisation and how to run an efficient PAT system that avoids mistakes and omissions.

Also Available: PV200 Solar Training*

There is also an additional training opportunity with Seaward on the UK mainland for the PV200 Solar Tester. With every purchase of a new PV200, Seaward offer free, comprehensive product training on-site, at your premises, or online to help the user get maximum benefits out of this advanced solar tester. We will put you in contact with Seaward after the purchase to arrange the training session.

These free sessions are not to be missed and constitute a great way of making the most out of both your PAT tester and your Seaward PV200 Solar Tester throughout the UK!

*On-site and on-premises training for the PV200 has some geographical restrictions but on-line training is available over the entire UK.