C.Scope YIRPPT50-33 50m Plastic Pipe Tracer

  • Small 6mm diameter and flexibility allows tracing of thin, bendy piping
  • Works with Signal Generator to produce 33kHz signal along line and at tip
  • IP68 ingress protection rating thanks to chemically resistant plastic
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Product Details

C.Scope YIRPPT50-33 Plastic Pipe Tracer

The C.Scope YIRPPT50-33 Plastic Pipe Tracer is a long flexible rod which can be inserted into very thin underground plastic piping thanks to a tiny diameter of just 6mm. The flexible nature of the tracer allows it to turn on itself over a radius of just 50mm so it is great for gas, water and chemical pipe tracing.

A C.Scope Signal Generator can be used to energise the entire tracer rod with a 33kHz signal whilst the rod’s design creates a slightly more powerful signal at its tip, thus allowing both underground line and end tracing. The 33kHz signal is compatible with all C.Scope Cable Locators and can penetrate earth and plastic to a maximum distance of 4m at the rod tip and 3m along the line. With a depth-measuring locator, it is also possible to measure the depth of the end point when using the C.Scope YIRPPT50-33.

The hardy composition of the C.Scope YIRPPT50-33 allows it to withstand ingress with an IP68 rating. The plastic casing is also resistant to chemical damage so the user can have confidence in the tracer on any number of challenging sites. The portable reel has a helpful handle and weighs just 2073g.

C.Scope part number: YIRPPT50-33

Key Features

  • Rod length: 50m
  • Rod diameter: 6mm
  • Operating frequency: 33kHz
  • Bend radius: 50mm
  • Signal penetration range: 4m at tip, 3m along line
  • IP68 ingress protection rating
  • Chemically resistant plastic casing
More Information
  • Part No.: YIRPPT50-33
  • Frequency: Operates at 32,768Hz 
  • Detection Depth Range: Line Detection - 3m (10 foot) dependent upon Locator and Signal Generator type and site conditions; Tip Detection - 4m (13 foot) dependent upon Locator and Signal Generator type and site conditions 
  • Compatibility: Any Signal Generator or Transmitter with 33kHz or 33/131kHz combined output 
  • Rod Length: 50m (160’) 
  • Rod and Sonde Diameter: 6mm (0.2”) 
  • Rod Minimum Bend Radius: 50mm (1.9”)
  • Construction: Reel - Robust plastic housing; Rod - Flexible, chemical resistant plastic
  • Reel dimensions: 150mm x 120mm x 250mm
  • Reel weight: 1248g
  • Operational temperature range: -20˚C to 50˚C (-4˚F to 122˚F)
  • Storage temperature range: -20˚C to 50˚C (-4˚F to 122˚F)
  • Tracer rod and tip IP rating: 68
  • Plastic pipe tracer casing IP rating: 54
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