Chauvin Arnoux F607 Harmonic Clamp Meter

  • True RMS Multifunctional clamp
  • Measures current, voltage, power values, harmonics to the 25th order & more
  • Records data, features Bluetooth connectivity
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Chauvin Arnoux F607 Harmonic Clamp Meter

Perfect for current and voltage measurement as well as power values, harmonics and more, the Chauvin Arnoux F607 Harmonic Clamp Meter is a truly versatile multifunctional clamp.

With a 12-bit True RMS digital acquisition system, the Chauvin Arnoux F607 measures current levels to 2000A AC and 3000A DC, AC/DC voltage to 1000V, W/VA/var, pf and DPF power values, THD-f and THD-r, harmonics to the 25th order, resistance and continuity with audible tone and true InRush current.

Featuring large 60mm jaws and CAT IV connection terminals, the F607 can be attached to a large range of conductors and is ideal for use on switchboards or for LV electricity production and distribution, industry, railways, etc. It is also suitable for lift/elevator technicians and other lifting and transport equipment specialists.

Providing Automatic AC/DC detection, a large 10,000-count backlit display and a simple-to-use rotary switch for selecting functions, in addition to data recording and bluetooth interface / pc software, the IP54-rated F607 is a user-friendly instrument packed with features.

What's In The Box?
  • Chauvin Arnoux F607 Harmonic Clamp Meter
  • 1 Set of Red/Black Banana Leads
  • 1 Set of Red/Black Crocodile Clips
  • 1 Set of Red/Black Test Probes
  • PC Communication Software
  • Operating Manual
More Information
  • Current (RMS) AC: 2,000A, 1% ±3 pts (best accuracy)
  • Current (RMS) DC and AC+DC: 3,000 Apeak, 1% ±3 pts (best accuracy)
  • Voltage (RMS) AC: 200 mV to 1,000 V, 1% ±3 pts (best accuracy)
  • Voltage (RMS) DC and AC+DC: 200 mV to 1,000 V, 1% ±3 pts (best accuracy)
  • Auto AC/DC: Yes (V and A)
  • Ripple: Yes
  • Resistance: 100 kΩ
  • Continuity/buzzer: Yes (<40 Ω)
  • Power W, var, VA: Yes, single and total three-phase
  • Crest factor (CF): Yes
  • PF and cos ϕ (DPF): Yes / Yes
  • Auto-shutdown: Yes
  • “Hold” function: Yes
  • “Backlighting” function: Yes
  • “Min Max” key: Yes
  • “Peak” +/- function: Yes / Yes
  • True-Inrush function: Yes
  • THD-f / THD-r harmonics function: Yes / Yes
  • Breakdown into harmonic orders: Yes
  • “REC” recording function: Yes
  • Recordings (with Min Max): Up to 3,000 measurements
  • “BT” Bluetooth communication function: Yes
  • “Hz” function: Yes
  • Clamping diameter (mm): Ø 48
  • Mechanical protection: IP54
  • High electrical protection: IEC 61010 – 1,000 V CAT IV
  • Warranty: 3 years
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