Extech BR200 Video Borescope

This wireless videoscope is ideal for inspection in hard to reach HVAC, electrical & automotive locations using the high res 704 x 576 pixel camera.
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Extech BR200 Video Borescope - Wireless Inspection Camera

The Extech BR200 Video Borescopeis an extremely versatile, wireless inspection camera that has been designed for inspection in hard to reach and tight locations. The Extech BR200 has a built-in high resolution 704 x 576 pixel camera that has the ability to capture both AVI video and still JPEG images onto a 2GB micro SD memory card. These videos and images can then be uploaded via the USB cable to a computer and included in inspection reports.

Extech BR200 Video Borescope Features:

  • Detachable wireless 3.5" colour LCD display
  • Wireless display can be viewed from a remote location up to 10m from measurement point
  • 1 metre flexible gooseneck
  • Waterproof 17mm diameter camera with built-in LED lights
  • 2GB microSD memory card for capturing images and video
  • Images and video can be uploaded to PC and added to inspection reports
  • Supplied with magnet, mirror and hook attachments for the scope

The BR200 borescope has a waterproof camera with 2 LED lights that allow for inspections to be carried out in poor and pitch black lighting conditions. This camera is attached to the end of a 1m flexible gooseneck that offers a great deal of flexibilty in tight areas such as HVAC ducts but also allows the user maximum control over the direction of the scope. A unique feature of the BR 200 inspection camera is the detachable 3.5" colour LCD screen. Real time images and video are clearly displayed on this 320 x 240 pixel LCD screen and the ability to detach it from the rest of the videoscope allows for one person to manouver the scope while another can view the display and give directions. A video output allows for the BR200 to be connnected to larger screens for improved viewing. The wireless LCD display will operate correctly from a remote location up to 10m from the borescope, proving useful when inspecting in hazardous conditions.

In addition the BR200 inspection camera comes supplied with three extension tools for attaching to the end of the scope. A magnet, suitable for retrieving metal objects. A hook that can be used for grabbing wires and a 45° mirror to increase the viewing capabilities of the camera.

The Extech BR200 video borescope is the ideal instrument for home inspection, HVAC, electrical, automotive and industrial applications and is highly suitable for inspecting ducts, compressors, water pipes, car engines, process equipment, gears, electrical wiring, pest control and much more.



  • Pixels: 704 x 576 (PAL)
  • Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Transmission Range: 10m unobstructed view
  • Viewing direction: Viewing Angle 50°
  • Focus distance from object: 15 to 25cm
  • Shaft diameter: 17mm
  • Working length: 1m
  • Minimum bend radius: 60mm
  • Camera Dimensions: 186 x 145 x 41mm
  • Weight: 530g


  • LCD Screen Type: 3.5" TFT
  • Pixels: 320 x 240
  • Video Output Level: 0.9 to 1.3V@75Ω
  • Frame Rate: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30FPS
  • Video Resolution: 960 x 240 (avi format)
  • Image Resolution: 640x 480 (jpeg format)
  • Monitor Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 25mm
  • Operating/Charge Time: 1.5 hours/3 hours
  • Weight: 140g