Teledyne FLIR TG297 Industrial High Temperature Thermal Camera

  • Troubleshoot extreme heat areas with a high temp lens filter for detailed images
  • With a true 160x120 IR pixel imager measure temperatures between -25 and 1030˚C
  • Ensure safe distance from hazardous heat with the portable and rugged enclosure
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Teledyne FLIR TG297 Industrial High Temperature Thermal Camera

The Teledyne FLIR TG297 Industrial High Temperature Thermal Camera is a specialist diagnostic tool, combining accurate temperature readings with the incredible ability to capture images at an extreme 1030˚C. Industrial facilities such as glass furnaces, kilns and forges often pose a problem for thermal imagers as the generated heat can reach astoundingly high levels. The TG297 however, is ideally suited for working within these environments as it can not only measure intense temperature, it is also capable of accurately targeting potential faults, troubleshooting repairs and monitoring processes all from a safe distance.

When it comes to image clarity, the true 160 x 120 infrared pixel imager of the TG297 proudly boasts a not-so secret weapon, patented FLIR Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) technology. Produce crisp, easy to interpret results using the FLIR MSX feature which combines captured thermal imagery with an impressive level of visual scene detail. The simple user interface presented on the bright 2.4 inch colour display is ideal for utilising this ground-breaking technology. The TG297, capable of both seeing and measuring electrical and mechanical issues, can easily diagnose breakdowns and verify manufacturing processes all whilst maintaining a safe distance due to the 30:1 spot ratio and bullseye laser pointer.

Store up to 50,000 images on the FLIR TG297's internal 4GB memory card before transferring them through either the included USB cable or incorporated Bluetooth connection. Ensure machinery and systems are functioning safely and at peak efficiency, or provide a visual representation of a repair by comparing stored before and after images. The ergonomic, portable design of the TG297 makes it the perfect tool for fitting in a crowded tool bag and the IP54 rated, 2-meter drop tested enclosures provides the security needed for difficult environments. With a bright LED flashlight and rechargeable the Lithium-Ion battery, this FLIR Industrial High Temperature Thermal Camera is ideal for those jobs other thermal cameras simply can't handle.

Key Features

  • Non-contact temperature measurement and thermal imaging camera
  • Measure temperatures within an impressive range of -25 to 1030˚C
  • True 160x120 IR pixel imager with an astounding 19,200 pixels
  • FLIR Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging for adding visual detail to thermal images
  • 2.4 inch customisable colour monitor
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface
  • 30:1 spot ratio and bullseye laser pointer keeps the operator at a safe distance
  • Store up to 50,000 images
  • 4GB internal memory card
  • USB interface and cable
  • Bluetooth connection featured
  • Ergonomic and compact design for increased transportability
  • Bright LED flashlight
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • IP54 rated
  • 2-meter drop tested
  • 2-10 year warranty

FLIR part number: TG297

What's In The Box?
  • 1 x FLIR TG297 Industrial High Temperature Thermal Camera
  • 1 x Wrist Strap Lanyard
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Pouch
  • 1 x Printed Documentation
More Information

Imaging and Optical Data

  • IR resolution: 160 × 120 pixels
  • Digital image enhancement: Yes
  • Thermal sensitivity/NETD: <70 mK
  • Field of view (FOV): 57° × 44°
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.3 m (0.98 ft)
  • Distance to spot ratio: 30:1
  • Image frequency: 8.7 Hz
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Focal plane array/spectral range: Uncooled microbolometer/7.5–14 μm
  • Detector pitch: 12μm

Image presentation

  • Display resolution: 320 × 240 pixels
  • Screen size: 2.4 in. portrait
  • Color palettes:
    White hot
    Black hot
  • Image adjustment: Automatic
  • Image modes: MSX® (Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging)
  • Visual with temperature reading
  • Gallery: Yes

Measurement and Analysis

  • Object temperature range : -25°C to 1030°C (-13°F to 1886°F)
  • Measurement accuracy:
    -25°C to 50°C (-13°F to 122°F): up to ±3°C (±7°F)
    50 to 100°C (122 to 212°F): ±1.5°C (±3°F) or ± 1.5% whichever is greater
    100°C to 500°C (212°F to 932°F): ±2.5°C (±6°F) or 2.5% whichever is greater
    500°C to 1030°C (932°F to 1886°F): ±3°C (±7°F) or ± 3% whichever is greater
  • IR temperature resolution: 0.1°C (0.2°F)
  • Repeatability of reading: ±1% of reading or ±1°C (2°F), whichever is greater
  • Response time: 150ms
  • IR thermometer measurement: Continuous scanning
  • Minimum measurement distance: 0.26 m (0.85 ft)
  • Spotmeter: Center spot on/off

Set-Up and Service Functions

  • Set-up commands:
    Local adaptation of units, language, date, and time formats
    Screen brightness (high, medium, low)
    Gallery, deletion of images
  • Emissivity correction: Yes - 4 preset levels with custom adjustment of 0.1–0.99

Image Storage and Visual Camera

  • Storage capacity on 4 GB card: 50,000 images
  • Image file format: JPEG w/ spot temp data
  • Digital camera resolution: 2 MP (1600 × 1200 pixels)
  • Field of view (FOV): 71° × 56°, adapts to IR lens

Light and Laser

  • Flashlight: 100 lumens LED, on/off option
  • Class 1 laser: Projects centre spot and outlines circular measurement area to indicate size

Data Communication Interfaces

  • Bluetooth®: BLE
  • USB: Type-C: data transfer, power

Additional Data

  • Battery type: Rechargeable 3.7 V Li-ion battery
  • Battery operating time: 5 hrs scanning
  • Battery charging time: 4 hrs to 90%
  • Power management: Adjustable: off, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min
  • Shock/vibration: 25 g (IEC 60068-2-27); 2 g (IEC 60068-2-6)
  • Drop: Designed for 2 m (6.56 ft)
  • Weight: 0.394 kg (13.9 oz)
  • Size (L x W x H): 210 × 64 × 81 mm (8.3 × 2.5 × 3.2 in)