Fluke 1662 Multifunction Tester

  • Provides comprehensive adaptability with adjustable ranges, resolutions, and test types
  • An excellent tester for the majority of everyday electrical installation assessment
  • Earth voltages over 50V detected to help ensure user’s safety
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HandyMAN TEK775 Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

Key features:

  • Compact and east to operate Earth Leakage Clamp Meter
  • Ideal for fault finding leakage currents causing nuissance tripping
  • Includes 3 ranges: 200mA, 2A and 200A and resolution of 100µA
50m R2 Wander Lead

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use 50m R2 Wander Reel in a sturdy drum
  • Direct R2 measurement suitable for main earth bond testing
  • Ideal for increasing electrical installation testing efficiency
VTEK900 Electricians Kit (FREE GIFT)

VTEK900 Kit includes:

  • TEK900 Voltage & Continuity Tester
  • TEK989 Socket Tester
  • TEK7100 Non-contact Volt Stick

Product Details

Fluke 1662 Multifunction Tester - MFT 1662

The Fluke 1662 Multifunction Installation Tester is a solid, reliable multifunction tester that has everything the user might need for day to day installation inspections. This tester can measure multiple variables including True RMS AC voltage, insulation resistance, loop and line impedance, prospective earth fault current, RCD tripping speed, and RCD/FI current. Tests can also be carried out for continuity, ramp test, and RCD triggers whilst indications are also given for has sequence. There is a wide degree of flexibility with each test with choices of range, resolution and test-type for the majority of different values so the tester can be adapted to meet various requirements.

The user also benefits from several other features in addition to the Fluke 1662’s measurement functions. Auto-start can be engaged for RCD and loop testing whilst a wiring polarity checker scans for broken PE and N wires. The self-test function helps ensure that readings are always accurate and the user can always check the instrument against the values given in the supplied calibration certificate. The device is operated via a simple dial and results are shown on the large, bright LCD screen.

The Fluke 1662 comes provided with a comprehensive set of accessories including a hard carry case, test leads, a zero adapter, a user manual/CD, a mains cord, a padded neck strap, a remote probe, a fused test probe set, and a calibration certificate in addition to the instrument itself. With an IP40 seal rating and Cat III 500V over voltage safety categorisation, the user can have confidence in this sturdy, portable multifunction tester which meets all relevant legal standards.

Fluke part number: FLK-1662

Key Features

  • Measures AC voltage, insulation resistance, loop and line impedance, prospective earth fault current, tripping speed, and RCD/FI current
  • Testing for continuity, ramp test, and RCD triggers
  • Adjustable ranges, resolutions and test types
  • Phase sequence indication
  • Wiring polarity checker tests for broken wires
  • Large, bright LCD screen
  • Auto-start for RCD and loop testing
  • Self-test function
  • Sturdy yet portable design
  • Cat III to 500V; Cat IV to 300V
  • Supplied with all necessary accessories
What's In The Box?
  • Fluke 1662 FC Multifunction Installation Tester
  • CD and instruction manual for Fluke 1662 FC Multifunction Installation Tester
  • 6 x AA batteries
  • C1600 hard carry case
  • Zero adapter
  • Remote control test probe
  • Fused test probe set
  • Heavy duty mains cord
  • Standard test lead set
  • Padded carrying waist and neck strap
  • Quick reference guide
  • Fluke calibration certificate
More Information

AC voltage measurement

  • Range: 500V
  • Resolution: 0.1V
  • Accuracy 45Hz - 66Hz: 0.8% + 3 counts
  • Input impedance: 360kΩ
  • Overload protection: 660V rms

Continuity testing RLO

  • Range (autoranging): 20Ω / 200Ω / 2000Ω
  • Resolution: 0.01Ω / 0.1Ω / 1Ω
  • Open circuit voltage: >4V

Insulation resistance measurement

  • Test voltages:  50-100-250-500-1000V
  • Accuracy of tTest voltage (at rated test current): +10%, -0%
  • Test voltage: 50V; 100V; 250V; 500V; 1000V
  • Insulation resistance range: 20 to 50MΩ; 20 to 100MΩ; 20 to 200MΩ; 20 to 200 to 500MΩ; 20 to 200 to 1000MΩ
  • Resolution: 0.01MΩ / 0.1MΩ; 0.01MΩ / 0.1MΩ; 0.01MΩ / 0.1MΩ; 0.01MΩ / 0.1MΩ / 1MΩ; 0.01MΩ / 0.1MΩ / 1MΩ
  • Test current: 1mA @ 50kΩ; 1mA @ 100kΩ; 1mA @ 250kΩ; 1mA @ 500kΩ; 1mA @ 1MΩ

Loop and line impedance (ZI)

  • Range: 10Ω / 0.001Ω / High current mΩ mode
  • Resolution: 0.01Ω / 0.1Ω / 1Ω

Prospective earth fault current, PSC test

  • Range: 1000A / 10kA (50kA)
  • Resolution: 1A / 0.1kA
  • Computation: Prospective earth fault current (PEFC) or prospective short current (PSC) calculated by splitting actual mains voltage by measured loop (L-PE) resistance or line (L-N) resistance respectively

RCD testing, RCD types tested

  • RCD type: A4, AC1, G2, S3

Notes: 1Responds to AC; 2General no delay; 3Time delay; 4Responds to pulsed signal

Tripping speed test (ΔT)

  • Current settings1: 10-30-100-300-500-1000mA - VAR; 10-30-100mA
  • Multiplier: x0.5, x 1; x5
  • Measurement range: 310ms, 50ms (RCD Type G); 510ms, 160ms (RCD Type)

Notes: 11000mA with type AC only, 700mA maximum type A in VAR mode, VAR mode not available for type B

RCD/FI-Tripping Current Measurement/Ramp Test (IΔN)

  • Current range: 30% to 110% of RCD rated current1
  • Step size: 10% of IΔN2
  • Dwell time: 300ms/step (Type G); 500ms/step (Type S)
  • Measurement accuracy: ±5%
  • Specified trip current ranges (EN 61008-1): 50% to 100% for Type AC; 35% to 140% for Type A (>10 mA); 35% to 200% for Type A (≤10 mA); 50% to 200% for Type B; ²5% for Type B

Notes: ¹30% to 150% for Type A IΔN > 10 mA; 30% to 210% for Type A IΔN = 10 mA; 20% to 210% for Type B


  • Size (L x W x H): 10 x 25 x 12.5cm
  • Weight (incl. batteries): 1.3kg
  • Batteries:  6 x AA
  • Sealing: IP-40
  • Safety: Meets requirements for EN61010-1 Ed 2.0 (2001-02), UL61010, ANSI/ISA –s82.02.01 2000 and CAN/CSA c22.2 No. 1010 2nd edition
  • Overvoltage: Cat III to 500V; Cat IV to 300V
  • Performance: EN61557-1 to EN61557-7 Second Edition and EN61557-10 Second Edition
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