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High Voltage Test Equipment Hire

In addition to the wide catalog of HV and utility test equipment we have available to buy, we also stock high voltage test equipment that is available for hire. Please call us on 0113 248 9966 for more information or to arrange a hire.
  1. Megger DLRO10HD Low Resistance Ohmmeter w/ DH4-C Test Lead Set


    • High and low power output selection for condition diagnosis
    • Powered by mains or by rechargeable battery
    • Outputs 10A for 60 seconds
    • CATIII 600V safety rating
    • IP54 ingress protection
    • Easy to use

    The Megger DLRO10HD is a battery powered, portable ducter capable of outputting currents of up to 10A. Featuring five user-modes, the DLRO10HD is suitable for a range of applications including routine maintenance checks on HV electrical components and OEM tests.

    With a 10 µΩ resolution and 0.2% basic accuracy, the DLRO10HD can produce quick and accurate measurements. Supplied with 2 x 1.2m length duplex handspike test leads.

    7 DAY HIRE

    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (collection optional)

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  2. Megger DLRO100H / DLRO100HB Low Resistance Ohmmeters


    • Portable IP54 rated 100A Low Resistance Ohmmeter
    • Internal memory with Bluetooth or USB download
    • Remote control option via PC or Laptop
    • Capable of output currents of up to 100A
    • Measures resistances ranging between 0.1µΩ and 1.999Ω
    • Up to 200 manual 100A or two 10min continuous 100A tests

    Please note: Megger DLRO100HB model only

    The Megger DLRO100HB is a battery powered ohmmeter, producing currents of up to 100A. Capable of measuring a wide range of resistances, the instrument features an internal memory with space for 220 time & date stamped measurements.

    Alongside such features as Bluetooth compatibility, remote control and asset tagging the DLRO100HB also boasts three distinct user modes for manual, automatic and continuous testing.

    7 DAY HIRE

    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (collection optional)

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  3. Megger Torkel 860 Multi Battery Load Tester (Hire Only)


    • For battery systems from 12V to 480V
    • Allows batteries to be tested in service
    • Portable for easy transportion
    • Unit adjusts to include load currents in the test parameters
    • User adjustable alarm and shutdown points to avoid excessive discharge
    • Excellent discharging capacity

    Primarily designed for people maintaining battery systems with different voltages, the Megger Torkel 860 Multi Battery Load Tester boasts first-class discharging capacity along with a varied voltage range and outstanding portability.

    Allowing use with battery systems ranging from 12V to 480V and discharging at up to 110A, the Megger Torkel 860 Battery Load Tester is the perfect instrument for checking battery capacity in power plants, transformer substations and more.

    Offering fantastic portability, the Torkel 860 discharges at a constant current, power or resistance, or in accordance with a pre-selected load profile and allows batteries to be tested in service, whilst also offering user adjustable alarm and shutdown points to avoid excessive discharge.

    7 DAY Hire

    Courier Delivery And Collection Available, Please Contact Us For Prices

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  4. Megger MIT525 5kV Insulation Resistance Tester


    • 5kV insulation testing
    • Polarisation index measurement
    • Dielectric absorption ratio
    • Ramp testing
    • Dielectric discharge
    • Large, advanced internal memory

    The Megger MIT525 5kV Insulation Resistance Tester is useful high voltage insulation tester that is capable of measuring the resistance of insulation in high voltage installations. It also offers readings for polarisation index, dielectric absorption ratio, step voltage testing, dielectric discharge testing and ramp testing.

    The tester can also perform insulation testing at lower voltages and has a maximum reading of 10TΩ. It has a clear digital display and operates from a rechargeable battery.

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £10 Carriage Charge Each Way (Collection Optional)

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