Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Check Box

Use the affordable FC2000 calibration checker to ensure the ongoing accuracy of your 18th Edition electrical test equipment.
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Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Check Box

The Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checkbox is an affordable option that allows electricians to check their own 17th Edition test equipment and ensure that all meters are operating correctly and accurately. The Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Check Box doesn’t replace the calibration requirements of testers but provides a quick and simple way to check instrument accuracy, reducing the risk of incorrect certification.

Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checker Features:

  • Checks all leading makes of Loop, RCD, Insulation, Continuity and Multifunction testers.
  • Regularly validate your test instruments with self calibration checks.
  • 12 comprehensive test points covering Loop, RCD and Insulation/Continuity.
  • Null facility to remove lead resistance.
  • Supplied with an End of Line Calibration Certificate.
  • Quick and simple way to check the accuracy of your electrical installation test meters.

What's In The Box?

  • Kewtech FC2000
  • Power Lead
  • End of Line Calibration Certificate