Kewtech Kewstick Duo Voltage Detector Pen

Non-contact voltage detector pen with dual sensitivity that enables differentiation between live and earthed cables, from 90V to 600V AC.
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Kewtech Kewstick Duo Non-Contact Voltage Detector Pen

The Kewtech Kewstick Duo is a non-contact voltage detector that provides rapid indication of voltage from 90V to 600V AC, complete with dual sensitivity.

Simply hold down sensitivity attenuation button to reduce the sensitivity of the voltage detector. This unique feature enables the Kewstick Pen to differentiate between live and earthed cables. In addition, it is also useful for tracing and identifying live conductors in bunched or crowded cables.

Kewstick Duo Pen Key Features

  • Dual sensitivity
  • Pulsing green LED indicates unit is working correctly
  • Red LED and audible tone indicate presence of voltage
  • Voltage detection from 90V to 600V AC
  • CAT IV rated