Megger (Programma) MOM690 Micro-Ohmmeter

The Megger MOM690 is used to measure contact resistances within high load installations like circuit breakers, isolators, bus-bar joints and line joints.
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Megger (Programma) MOM690 Micro-Ohmmeter

The Megger (Programma) MOM690 micro-ohmmeter is a high current, micro-processor controlled ductor capable of providing extremely low resistance measurements, outputting up to 800 DC or 660A AC of current.

Subsequent to testing, certain standards require the demagnetising of the current transformer (CT) within dead tank and GIS circuit breakers. As such, the Megger MOM690 micro-ohmmeter offers an AC current output, which will complete this task quickly and easily. The AC current output can also be used for other general purpose current sourcing in different test applications.

The Megger (Programma) MOM690 can be purchased as a 115V or 230V model and with or without 5m test leads and a transport case (please select the correct model from the drop down list above). A 15m lead set is also available to purchase above, please select this option if you require longer test leads.

The Megger MOM690 also features the ability to store and download test results with an optional software utility called MOMWin, This allows the export of test results for electronic storage and reporting purposes; please select this option above if applicable.

Why test resistance at such a low value?

If the contact resistance on a high current electrical joint is too high, temperature rises and power loss are inevitable leading to a host of problems such as overheating joints and electrical equipment failure. The following table demonstrates the importance of low resistance joins within high current applications:

Current Contact Resistance Power Loss 
10,000A (10kA) 1 milli-Ohm 100,000 Watts (100kW)
10,000A (10kA) 0.1 milli-Ohm 10,000 Watts (10kW)
1,000A (1kA) 1 milli-Ohm 1,000 Watts (1kW)
1,000A (1kA) 0.1 milli-Ohm 100 Watts


Key Features

  • 0-800A DC and 0-660 AC current output
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic range

There are three MOM690 options available:

  Includes GA-05055 
Current & Sensing Leads
Includes GA-00200 
Ground Cable
Includes GD-00182 
Transport Case
Includes 15m Test Lead Set
Unit only BB-42300
With Accessories 
With Accessories (15m leads) 
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