Megger PAT400 series PAT Label Printer - 1001-046

  • Prints barcode/pass PAT labels from the PAT410/420/450
  • Speed up re-resting by scanning printed labels 
  • Products 2 different label lengths for surfaces and cables
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Megger PAT400 series PAT Label Printer

This Pass/Fail Barcode label printer is specifically designed for use with the Megger PAT410, PAT420 and PAT450 range of downloading portable appliance testers and is the perfect device for efficient and professional on-site PAT testing. Label cartridges for this printer provide black text on a white background with approximately 150 labels per cartridge.

The printer can be powered from a UK mains power supply, or by 6xAA batteries (not supplied) which allows for greater portability when moving from one location to another.

This PAT testing label printer allows for direct connection to one of the Megger PAT 400 series of testers via a USB port to offer straightforward plug in and print operation. PAT labels can then be quickly produced with all the necessary test information including test and re-test date, the name of the PAT testing engineer, the Pass or Fail status of the appliance and the specific appliance ID that has been allocated to the appliance under test. This sleek and compact barcode label printer has an automatic tape cutter for accurate and simple label length cutting.

This is the perfect accessory to improve the efficiency and professionalism of your on-site PAT testing operation whether you are new to portable appliance testing or have been doing it for years, this barcode label printer will improve the organisation, accuracy and competency of your PAT test procedure.

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