Megger PVK330 Photovoltaic Kit with Clamp Meter

  • Features the Megger PVM210 to locate the best spots for solar-panel installations
  • Versatile Megger DCM340 Clamp Meter suitable for solar and general electrical work
  • Specialist PV test leads make instruments compatible with vast majority of solar panels
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Due to Ship Late April 2021

Product Details

Megger PVK330 Photovoltaic Kit with Clamp Meter

The Megger PVK330 Photovoltaic Kit supplements a standard electrician’s toolbox so that he or she can carry out installation, commissioning and testing on photovoltaic panels. The kit features a Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter and a Megger DCM340 Clamp Meter in addition to specialist test lead for all your photovoltaic-related needs.

The Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter is a good instrument for finding the best location for solar panels because it measures the energy from the sun in any given location. The device is small, light and can be operated with just one hand which is useful up ladders and on slanted rooves. In combination with a current measurement device, the PVM210 can also calculate short circuit current.

The highly versatile Megger DCM340 Digital Multimeter is the other instrument in the Megger PVK330 Photovoltaic Kit. It can measure AC/DC voltage up to 600V and AC/DC current up to 600A as well as resistance and frequency so it is very versatile and combines well with the PVM210 when working on solar installations.

In addition to the instruments, the Megger PVK330 also includes a selection of specialist PV test leads in addition to those included with the DCM340. Firstly, a pair of 1.3m test leads connect standard 4mm inputs to solar MC4 connections whilst a second adapt MC4 plugs to MC3 so that the DCM340 is rendered compatible with the vast majority of solar panels. All accessories are supplied in a handy, soft carry case.

The Megger PVK330 Kit’s highly accurate instruments and range of test leads make it a versatile, advanced set for performing work on all manner of solar installations.

Megger part number: 1002-551

Key Features

  • Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter
  • Megger DCM340 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter
  • Standard silicone test leads for DCM340
  • 4mm plug to MC4 connector test leads (1.3m)
  • MC4- to MC3- type adaptor test leads (0.2m)
  • Soft carry case
What's In The Box?
  • Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter
  • Protective pouch for Megger PVM210
  • Calibration certificate for Megger PVM210
  • Megger DCM340 600V AC/DC Clamp Meter
  • Standard test leads for Megger DCM340
  • 4mm plug to MC4 connector test leads (1.3m)
  • MC4- to MC3- type adaptor test leads (0.2m)
  • Soft carry case
More Information

Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter

  • Display: 3¾ digit LCD
  • Ranges: 1999 W/m² / 634 BTU/(ft²*h)
  • Accuracy: typically within ± 10 W/m² / ±3 BTU/(ft²*h)
  • Resolution: 0.1 W/m² / 0.1 BTU/(ft²*h)
  • Dimensions: 134 mm (H) x 48 mm (W) x 27 mm (D)
  • Weight: approx. 90g
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA, MN2400, LR03

Megger DCM340 600V AC/DC Clamp Meter

  • dc / ac volts: 600 V dc / 600 V ac
  • dc / ac current: 600 A dc / ac
  • Resistance: 400 Ω
  • Frequency: 400 Hz
  • Dimensions: 68 mm (W) x 237 mm (H) x 42 mm (D)
  • Weight: 225g
  • Batteries: 9 V PP3, 6F22, NEDA

For full information on individual instruments and electrical specifications please refer to the appropriate datasheets on each instrument.

PV test leads

  • 1 pair 1.3 metre leads terminated with 4 mm plugs and MC4 solar connectors
  • 1 pair 0.2 metre adapter leads terminated with MC4 and MC3 solar connectors
  • Maximum current: 19 A
  • Maximum voltage: 1000 V

Zipped pouch

  • Dimensions: 230 mm (L) x 170 mm (W) x 70 mm (D)