Metrel MI3101 EurotestAT Multifunction Tester

Downloading and high spec 18th edition compliant Multifunction Tester with Auto Sequence® Technology
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Metrel MI3101 EurotestAT Multifunction Tester

This product is discontinued, it has been replaced by the Metrel MI3152XC.

The Metrel EurotestAT MI3101 is the top of the range 17th Edition Installation Tester with Patent Pending Auto Sequence® Technology. Auto Sequence® Testing basically ensures that testing procedures, evaluation of results and certification is made easy and quick. Simply select the relevant Auto Sequence®, press "Test", observe the "Pass/Fail result and press "Memory" to store the result. Testing could not be made easier.

The Metrel MI3101 Installation Tester can be used manually (single test) or automatically (Auto Sequence®). The tester is supplied pre-programmed to meet requirements of Testing Regulations including Minor Works, Electrical Installation, Periodics etc.

The user is also able to program specific test sequences to suit individual requirements. When you are connected to a circuit the MI3101 Eurotest AT will display, via the Help Screen, how to connect the test and explain, via the display, how to perform the test. The tester shows connection guidelines, an on-line voltage monitor to improve ease of use and decrease the possibility of an incorrect measurement. The Metrel MI3101 even detects possible safety hazards for the operator or the installation before carrying out the test.

The Euro Test AT allows on-screen data entry using its inbuilt keypad. All test results will be fully traceable by entering information regarding naming of circuits, i.e. Kitchen sockets, distribution boards, name or site of the client etc. All references and test information can be downloaded directly into supplied Metrel Eurolink PC Software. The test report is prepared in less than 1 minute. All results are displayed under the corresponding location of the structure, including the parameters of accompanying fuse characteristics, limits and Pass/Fail information. The inbuilt memory can contain 2000 locations with 10 levels in depth.

The Metrel EurotestAT features a "Pass/Fail" screen with tables for fuse characteristics which allow for Pass/Fail evaluation of loop readings according to regulations. The tester has substantial capability of testing RCD's including Type B RCDs. The "all 6 in 1 visit" RCD testing mode makes it easy. Reset the breaker and the MI3101 will carry out all the tests needed. The RCD Ramp test will indicate actual trip current and the RCD Triplock feature will prevent any tripping of RCD's.

The Metrel Eurotest AT MI3101 fully complies to 17th Edition Regulations and carries out the following tests:

  • R1 + R2 Testing (Inbuilt MAX facility allows the user to store the max reading taken on a circuit)
  • Insulation Testing (using the "Insulation All2 test the EurotestAT will display all 3 results L-E, L-N, N-E)
  • Complete RCD Auto Test including Type B RCDs - "All 6 tests in 1 visit"
  • RCD Ramp Test - indicates actual trip current
  • RCD Triplock - Guaranteed not to trip RCD's
  • Loop, ZE,ZS,110V,230V and 415V
  • PSC (Measure the potential fault current between phase/neutral and earth/neutral conductors), LE and LN
  • Multi Voltage System Support
  • Multi Voltage Monitor "online" single/3 phase
  • Phase rotation
  • Earth Resistance Testing (Optional extra required Metrel S2026)

Test-Meter also sell the Metrel MI3101 EurotestAT Pro PLUS Kit. This kit, along with the tester, comes supplied with Eurolink Pro PLUS software which will export test data directly into a digital NICEIC, Napit or Select format along with standard "green forms". The kit also comes with the Patented Metrel EasiSwitc which makes Ring Circuit Testing much quicker and easier. Using the EasiSwitch you will no longer have to exchange leads or connectors to calculate R1+R2 values. Simply connect the EasiSwitch to the EurotestAT and the clips of the EasiSwitch ring circuit at the distribution board. All calculations will be displayed from one connection, and by pressing one button. This saves a lot of time.

The Metrel MI3101 can be accompanied with the Metrel A1214 Easi Switch Adaptor the first and only acessory which will allow R1 + R2 measurments to be performed automatically. (i.e. no need to exchange leads or use connectors). For further information on this time saving device please see the Metrel A1214 Easi Switch Adaptor product page

FREE GIFT WITH THE MI3101 - Choose one of the following:

  • The CALBOX Calibration Checkbox (worth £39.95 + VAT)
  • VCT-GS38 Voltage & Continuity Tester (worth £49.00 + VAT)
  • HandyMAN TEK775 Earth Leakage Clamp Meter (worth £59.95 + VAT)
What's In The Box?
  • FREE Calibration Checkbox, Voltage Tester or R2 Wander Lead Adaptor (chosen by you)
  • Metrel EuroLink Lite Software
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Soft carrying neck belt
  • Mains measuring cable (1,5 m)
  • RS232 FW upgrade cable
  • Test probes (green, brown & blue)
  • Croc clips (green, brown & blue)
  • Test cable Universal connection
  • 3 x 1,5 m (3 wire lead)
  • USB cable for downloading
  • 6 NiMh AA batteries
  • 12 V adaptor mains lead
  • Universal 12 V adaptor
  • Manual on CD
  • Start-up guide and quick-test guide
  • Calibration certificate
  • 36 months manufacturers warranty.

Optional extras, spares & accessories Metrel Accessories

More Information
  • Power supply 9 VDC (6 × 1.5 V Battery Cells or accus, Size AA)
  • Dimensions (w × h × d) 230 × 103 × 115 mm
  • Weight: 1,32 kg. (with batteries)

If you require a more detailed specification please see the Metrel Eurotest AT PDF pdf