Protimeter Baseboard Moisture Probe BLD5025

  • Suitable for measuring moisture behind baseboard mouldings
  • Compatible with pin-type Protimeter moisture meters
  • Two flat, insulated moisture measurement pins
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Protimeter Baseboard Moisture Probe BLD5025

The Protimeter Baseboard Moisture Probe is a useful probe for measuring moisture levels behind baseboard mouldings without having to disassemble the wall. This is particularly useful for measuring moisture in sill plates. The probe has a durable coating and the flat, insulated pins only measure at the tip so readings can be taken at different depths.

The threaded base allows the probe to be attached to an extension handle and the Baseboard Moisture Probe is compatible with pin-type moisture meters including the Surveymaster, Mini, Mini C, Timbermaster and MMS2.

Protimeter part number: BLD5025