Protimeter EIFS Moisture Probe BLD5070

  • Compatible with all Protimeter pin-type moisture meters
  • Measurements taken via two 100mm insulated moisture probes
  • Ideal for assessing exterior insulation finishing systems
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Protimeter EIFS Moisture Probe BLD5070

The Protimeter EIFS Moisture Probe is a specialist moisture probe that is suitable for checking moisture content in exterior insulation finishing systems. It boasts two replaceable, insulated 100mm moisture probes that take moisture content readings from deep within target materials and allow profile measurements. The probe is compatible with any Protimeter pin-type moisture meter.

Protimeter part number: BLD5070

Key Features

  • Compatible with Protimeter pin-type moisture meters
  • Two 100mm insulated needle probes
  • Ideal for insulation finishing systems
  • Allows profile moisture measurements