Seaward 110V Mains Adaptor

SKU: SEAW281A075
  • Compatible with Kewtech, Martindale, Megger, Metrel PAT testers
  • Conduct mandatory PAT tests to 110V appliances
  • Also suitable for load and leakage testing
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Seaward 110V Mains Adaptor

The Seaward 110V Mains Adaptor is a simple adaptor allowing you to power most dual voltage PAT testers from a 110V supply (The PAT Tester must be able to accept a 110V supply).

By connecting the BS1363 13A 230V mains supply plug on your dual voltage PAT tester into the Seaward 110V mains supply adaptor (281A075), you can conduct mandatory PAT tests to 110V appliances, as well as load and leakage tests should your PAT offer this facility.


It is important to note that not all PAT testers can be powered from a dual voltage supply. If you are in any doubt as to whether your PAT tester can be powered from both 230V and 110V supplies, please refer to your product manual or feel free to call us for clarification.

Here are makes and models of PAT testers that we know are compatible:

  • Kewtech: KT77
  • Martindale: Easypat 2100, Micropat+
  • Megger: PAT320, PAT350, PAT420, PAT450
  • Metrel: MI3304 Beta PAT Plus, MI3305 OmegaPAT Plus

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  • Seaward 110V Mains Adaptor