Seaward PATGuard 3 Elite Upgrade - Upgrade from Version 2

Discounted upgrade from PATGuard 2 to the latest in health & safety management and PAT testing software.
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Typically ships in 2-4 working days

Seaward PATGuard 3 Upgrade

PATGuard 3 is the latest edition of Seaward’s PAT testing software range designed to be the most comprehensive health & safety management package.

Why upgrade?

  • Full software support and advice for subscribers via telephone or online free of charge.
  • Regular updates to the software will be offered automatically to all subscribers.
  • Tag photos to locations, asset IDs and test results.
  • Electrical risk assessment tool automatically determines risk-based retest periods.
  • Universal risk assessment tool calculates risk score for any other workplace hazard.
  • Test & inspection reports for fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.
  • Produce professional invoices complete with company logo.

Providing all the features you would expect from advanced PAT testing software it has been specifically built as the ultimate program for health and safety management and also enables users to record, store and report on data from risk assessments and workplace hazards as well as providing options for emailing data, customising and uploading test sequences and creating invoices.

Images taken with a Seaward Apollo 600 or any digital camera or phone can be tagged against locations, appliances and test results. Not only will this provide full traceability and evidence of visual inspections but also allows quicker appliance identification, making life easier when retesting.

Ensuring a risk-based approach is taken to PAT testing couldn’t be easier as Seaward PATGuard 3 has universal and electrical risk assessment tools already built-in so that retest periods can be automatically determined according to the risk associated with each asset, in accordance with the latest IET Code of Practice recommendations.

In addition, a range of health and safety test certificates are included so that records can be kept for inspections of emergency lighting and fire alarm systems with the option for updating the software and including more as they are released.

Perfect for use with the Apollo 600 as the ultimate health and safety management package, users of PATGuard 3 are able to download and upload reports, images, results and risk assessments via either Bluetooth or USB. It is also fully compatible with all other downloadable Seaward PAT testers as well as those of other manufacturers.

Seaward PATGuard 3 is supplied as a download and licences are available to buy for 1, 3 or 5 years at a time. To upgrade from PATGuard 2 you must hold a valid licence and will be required to provide the serial number for this licence.

The following discounts apply for users wishing to upgrade from PATGuard 2.

  • 1 Year Licence: First year half price and no set-up fee: £79.50+VAT.
  • 3 Year Licence: First year free and no set-up fee: £286.00+VAT.
  • 5 Year Licence: First year free and no set-up fee: £540.80+VAT.

Plus you’ll get a further £10 discount by entering the code PATT04 during the purchase process.