Solmetric PVA Field Charging Kit

  • Field charging kit compatible with Solmetric PVA-1000S (and other PVA models)
  • Enables charging when on the go/in the field from solar or battery pack
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Solmetric PVA Field Charging Kit

The Solmetric PVA Field Charging Kit enables you to charge your Solmetric PVA unit or SolSensor when in the field. The kit includes a folding 28W solar panel and external battery unit, offering multiple options for recharging on the go. The external battery unit can store enough energy to recharge an IV unit or SolSenor twice and includes two charging cables as standard.

This kit is an excellent choice for those expecting to spend extended periods of time in the field, offering continuous recharging through a multiple of methods.

Please note, due to safety reasons I-V measurement can not be performed while charging is in process. In addition to this, charging can not occur when the internal temperature of the I-V unit exceeds 50°C.

Key Features

  • Compatible with PVA-1000S, PVA-600 & PVA-1500
  • Enables charging of PVA device when in the field
  • Uses solar or external battery pack
  • Includes two charging cables

What's In The Box?

  • PVA Field Charging Kit
  • 28W folding solar panel
  • External battery pack
  • 2 x charging cables