T&R DMO200 Micro-Ohmmeter

The T&R DMO200 Micro-Ohmmeter measures resistance between with test currents between 1 - 200A (DC) and has USB storage.
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T&R DMO200 Micro-Ohmmeter with USB Storage

The T&R DMO200 is a world-class micro-ohmmeter in a world beating size and weight. Building on experience gained with the very popular DSM200, The DMO200 features preset table test currents with 3 programmable buttons to easily set frequently used test currents.

The test current can be set to any value between 1 and 200A. The output is smooth dc, and the current is maintained at the pre-set level. A USB keyboard and 2GB USB memory key are supplied with the unit for data storage. All test results can be written to a spreadsheet file on the memory key and opened on a PC for analysis & printing. If the T and R Test Equipment DMO200 is used in conjunction with the optional current clamp (A224-0001) it can be used for accurate testing of circuit breaker contact resistance with both sides of the circuit breaker earthed.

T&R DMO200 Micro-Ohmmeter Key Features:

  • Ultra light weight (6.9Kg)
  • Universal supply voltage 90—265Vac
  • 0.1μΩ-5Ω measurement range
  • Colour screen
  • 1-200Adc pre-settable test currents
  • USB data storage with keyboard
  • Results are written to a CSV file
  • Custom pass/fail limits
  • 3m output lead set included
  • Rugged insulated case

The T&R DMO200 is ideal for testing:

  • LV circuit breaker contact resistance
  • Substation circuit breaker contact resistance (even with both sides earthed)
  • Production line testing of circuit breakers
  • Earthing equipment resistance
  • Substation isolator & earthing switch resistance
  • Busbar joint resistance
  • Crimp to cable joint resistance
  • Connector joint resistance
  • Traction rail resistance
  • Train to track grounding resistance
  • Cable resistance

The T&R Test Equipment DMO200 is suitable for production line applications pass/fail limits can be set and the unit can be entirely controlled through the RS232 port.

The DMO200 is suited to all low resistance measurements on power systems, and is particularly suited to measuring contact resistances on substation circuit breakers, isolators and grounding equipment. The unit has a powerful output capable of driving 200A through 20m output leads to reach the contacts of even the largest circuit breakers. Optional output lead extensions are available which extend the high current and sense leads by 3, 5 or 10m.

Accurate measurements on circuit breakers, isolators and grounding links with both sides earthed are simple with the optional current clamp. This allows the current flowing through the earthing equipment to be subtracted from the test current.

The T and R DMO200 is ideal for measuring busbar joint resistance. Before making connections ensure that the supply is off and necessary earths have been applied. Connect the high current leads to the busbar, ensuring that the joint resistance to be measured is in the circuit. Connect the sense leads as close as possible to the joint to be measured. Select the desired test current using one of the preset test currents. Switch the output on, and the current rises to the preset current. Switch the output off again, and the reading is held on the display.

What's In The Box?

Supplied Accessories:

  • 3m 35mm2 output cables
  • 3m sense leads
  • Mains lead
  • User manual
  • USB keyboard
  • 2GB USB memory key
  • Lead case

Optional Accessories:

  • Current clamp for fully grounded testing (A224-0001)
  • Kelvin clamp lead set (A224-0003)
  • 3m lead set extension (A224-0004)
  • 5m lead set extension (A224-0005)
  • 10m lead set extension (A224-0006)
  • 112mm thermal printer (210)
  • Screen Colour LCD
  • Control via RS232 Yes
  • Output current: 1-200A
  • Full load output voltage: 5V
  • Pre-set test current: Yes
  • Supply voltage: 90-265V
  • Measurement range: 0.1μΩ - 5Ω
  • SB data storage: Yes
  • RS232 for printer: Yes
  • DMO200 dimensions: 360 x 290 x 165mm
  • Lead set and accessories in case: 5.0kg
  • Packed dimensions: 510 x 390 x 440mm
  • Gross weight: 16kg