T&R PCU1-SP Mk2 Primary Current Injection Test System

Primary current injection, stability & circuit breaker testing. 2000A or 5000A output, secondary injection upto 100A.
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T&R PCU1-SP mk2 Primary Current Injection System

The PCU1-SP mk2 Primary Current Injection Test System is ideally suited to primary current injection, stability testing and circuit breaker testing, offering a current output up to 5000A with the necessary loading unit. In addition the PCU1-SP version offers direct-reading CT ratio and polarity tests and a 100A secondary injection input. The system consists of a separate control unit containing all metering and control functions and a loading unit that provides the high current output. There is a choice of two loading units to accompany the PCU1-SP control unit that are necessary to provide the high current output. The NLU2000 delivers a maximum output current of 2000A, while the NLU5000 offers a maximum output current of 5000A. Each of the loading units has three output taps to allow for a wide range of load impedance. For example, the NLU5000 may be configured to either give a maximum current of 5000A on the 2.3V range, 2500A on the 4.6V range or 1250A on the 9.2V range.

The T&R PCU1 control unit is rated at 11.5kVA with a 2 second overload capability of 23kVA when using the pulse mode. All metering is digital and a memory facility is provided to hold the current reading when the output trips or is switched off. The current is thyristor controlled and is automatically switched off when the load being tested, trips. The PCU1-SP system has a high accuracy timing system, allowing timing tests to be carried out to a resolution of 1ms. Normally open or normally closed contact selection is automatic with the status of the contacts shown on the front panel. The flexible timing system has two contact inputs and five operating modes that are available to test under and over current devices, re-closers, under and over voltage devices, current trips and circuit breakers.

PCU1-SP mk2 Primary Current Injection Features:

  • 5kA maximum output current (higher overload currents for 2s)
  • Secondary injection up to 100A
  • Direct reading CT ratio and polarity
  • Multi-function digital timing system
  • Digital true RMS memory ammeter
  • Solid state switching
  • 2000A and 5000A loading units
  • Three range outputs on loading units
  • Rugged, compact design
  • Optional trolley mounting of system

What's In The Box?

  • T&R PCU1-SP control unit
  • 5m mains lead
  • 5m loading unit power and metering leads
  • Spare fuses
  • Operating manual

Load Unit Current Metering (NLU2000)

Range Full scale Resolution Accuracy
10% 200A 0.1A ±0.5%rdg+5d
50% 1000A 1A ±0.5%rdg+5d
100% 2000A 1A ±0.5%rdg+5d
200% 4000A 1A ±1%rdg+5d

Load Unit Current Metering (NLU5000)

Range Full scale Resolution Accuracy
10% 500A 0.1A ±0.5%rdg+5d
50% 2500A 1A ±0.5%rdg+5d
100% 5000A 1A ±0.5%rdg+5d
200% 10kA 10A ±1.5%rdg+5d

Secondary Injection Output

Output Range Continuous current Intermittent (5min) Intermittent (1min)
0-5V 33A 67A 100A
0-16V 10A 20A 30A

Secondary Injection Metering

Metering range Resolution Accuracy Current trip
10A 0.01A ±0.5%rdg+5d 10.5A
20A 0.01A ±0.5%rdg+5d 21A
100A 0.1A ±0.5%rdg+5d 100A
  • Timer resolution: 1ms
  • Timer full scale: 999.999s
  • Timer accuracy: ±0.01%rdg+2d (4d current mode)
  • Contact O/C voltage: 24V
  • Contact S/C current: 20mA
  • VDC input range: 24-240V DC
  • Supply: 230V, 45-65Hz, 1ph, 11.5kVA max (23kVA overload for 2 seconds)
  • Compliance: BS EN61010
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C
  • Dimensions (PCU1-SP only): 450 x 275 x 305mm
  • Weight (PCU1-SP only): 26kg