FLIR Si124-LD Plus Industrial Leak Detection Camera

  • In built 124 microphones produces precise acoustic images displaying ultrasonic information
  • Automatic distance input and filter selection allows for improved detection, accuracy and ease of use
  • Lightweight one handed operation and compatible with FLIR Thermal Studios
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FLIR Si124-LD Plus Industrial Leak Detection Camera

The FLIR Si124-LD Plus Industrial Leak Detection Camera is a handheld leak detection camera for instant location and quantification of compressed air leaks. With 124 built-in microphones, the FLIR Si124-LD Plus produces a precise acoustic image that visually displays ultrasonic information even in loud, challenging industrial environments on a 5" 800 x 480 pixels LCD colour screen.

The acoustic image is overlaid in real time over a digital camera image showing the user the exact source of the sound. Using the Si124-LD Plus, the detection of compressed air and gas leaks can be up to ten times faster using ultrasonic imaging compared with traditional methods.

Users can instantly view the leak rate in real-time in either litres per minute or CFM. Using the Si124-LD Plus operators can quantify the leak size, giving a clear understanding of how much energy has been lost and the amount of money potentially being saved by discovering the problem and delaying the expense of installing new or additional equipment by maintaining existing compressors.

Users can view leak rates from as close as 30cm away and in ideal conditions from up to 130m. The Si124-LD Plus has a broad bandwidth of 2kHz to 65 kHz, allowing users to identify the smallest leaks across multiple gas types. 

Auto Distance

For the most accurate leak estimates users must must calculate the approximate distance to the leak. Using Auto Distance the Si124-LD Plus automatically detects the distance (up to 5m (16 feet) between the leak and the camera to improve the accuracy and reduce manual inputs from the user.

Continuous Auto-Correct

The FLIR Si124-LD PLUS provides users the ability to detect even the smallest leaks with an absolute minimum detection in a quiet environment of: 0.004 l/min @ 1.2 bar from a distance of <1 m (3 ft).

FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer Cloud Software

The FLIR Si124-LD Plus is compatible with FLIR's Acoustic Camera Viewer Cloud Software, providing users the opportunity to upload, store and back up data, allowing for further analysis to be undertaken in the field or from the office.

FLIR Thermal Studio Suite Desktop Software

The FLIR Si124-LD PLUS also features a plugin that enables users to import acoustic images for offline editing, analysis and reporting to be conducted using FLIR's Thermal Studio Suite Desktop Software. Studio Suite provides users with fully customisable templates, instant report generation and the ability to combine thermal and acoustic images within the same report

The FLIR Si124-LD Plus provides users with the capability to measure leaks in numerous environments such as steam lines and dry sprinkler systems, compressed air/gas systems, pneumatic tools and vacuum systems. Supplied with two batteries, each with up to two hours of use, the Si124-LD Plus provides users with the capability to perform testing over numerous hours without the need to recharge. Users can record up to 1,000 snapshots or up to 5 minutes of video recording all stored in the internal 32GB memory.

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Key Features

  • 124 inbuilt microphones
  • Locate pressurised leaks in compressed air systems up to ten times faster than traditional methods
  • Bandwidth: 2kHz to 65kHz, adjustable range
  • Measurements from 30cm up to 130m/li>
  • 62° × 49° field of view
  • 25 fps video frame rate
  • 30 fps acoustic image frame rate
  • 2 x Digital zoom to enhance the inspection capability
  • Auto filtering
  • Auto distancing
  • Continuous Autocorrect
  • FLIR Thermal Studio is complete with customisable templates to generate instant reports
  • Built-in plugin allows use with FLIR Thermal Studio Overlay acoustic and digital images
  • FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer Cloud Software
  • Pinpoint the exact source of leaks even in noisy industrial environments
  • View the leak rate in real-time in l/min or CFM
  • Auto distance accurately quantifies leaks down to 0.004 l/min
  • Automatic selection of the best frequency range thanks to the Auto filter
  • No prior training is required for the use
  • 5" 800 × 480 pixels LCD colour screen display
  • 32GB internal non-removable storage
  • 2 hours usage per battery (2 supplied)
  • Quickly calculate the estimated yearly energy loss
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Single-handed operation

What's In The Box?

  • FLIR Si124-LD Plus Industrial Leak Detection Camera
  • 2 x batteries
  • Battery charger
  • TS plugin
  • Neck strap
  • Camera handstrap
  • Hardcase
  • USB memory stick
  • Printed documentation

Acoustic Specifications

  • Acoustic measurement: 124 low-noise MEMS microphones, real-time sound visualisation
  • Dynamic range, low limit: <-15 dB (frequency-dependent)
  • Dynamic range, high limit: <-120 dB (frequency-dependent)
  • Bandwidth: 2kHz to 65kHz, adjustable range
  • Distance: From 0.3m (1ft) up to 130m (430ft)
  • Automatic inputs:
    Automatic frequency Filter Selections (AFFS)
    Automatic distance up to 5m (16.45ft)
  • Leak detection and quantification: Automatic leak recognition including estimated leak size and annual cost
  • Leak rate In typical industrial environment: >0.032 l/min @ 3 bar from 3 m (9.8 ft)/  >0.05 l/min @ 3 bar from 10 m (32.8 ft)
  • Absolute minimum detection in quiet environment: 0.004 l/min @ 1.2 bar from 0.3 m (1.0 ft)

User Interface

  • Display:
    Size: 5 in, 800 × 480 pixels
    Colour: 24 bit RGB
    Brightness: 1000 cd/m2 (adjustable)
  • Input device: Resistive touchscreen
  • Power On indicator: Red LED
  • Video image resolution: 800 x 480
  • Video frame rate: 25 fps
  • Acoustic image frame rate: 30 fps
  • Zoom: 2x digital zoom

Analysis and reporting

  • Online: FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer (cloud service)
  • Offline: FLIR Thermal Studio (desktop software)

Communication and Data Storage

  • Data transfer:
    Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac wireless LAN
    USB memory stick
  • Camera software update:
    Automatic over Wi-Fi
    USB via computer
  • Still images: Yes
  • Video recording: Yes, up to 5 minutes
  • Storage, internal: 32GB/2000 snapshots (typical) SD card, non-removable
  • Storage, external: 8GB/500 snapshots (typical) USB mass storage, provided with device

Power Supply

  • Camera power input:
    Nominal input voltage 12V
    Max input: 15V 2A
  • Replaceable battery:
    2 Li-ion rechargeable battery packs (RRC 2040): 10.8 V, 3.35 Ah, 36.2 Wh
    Usage: more than 2 hours per battery (depends on ambient conditions) h (depends on ambient conditions)
    Charge time: 4 to 6 h
  • Battery charger
    Input: 19-26 VDC
    Max output: 17.4 VDC, 4.8 A
  • Internal battery (only for camera backup use): Li-Ion 6 Wh

Environmental Data

  • Operating temperature range: Recommended -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F

Physical Data

  • Camera size: 315 × 169 × 160 mm (12.4 × 6.6 × 6.3 in)
  • Camera weight: Camera: 1.08KG (2.38lb)
  • Battery size: 85 × 59 × 225 mm (3.34 × 2.31 × 0.86 in)
  • Battery weight: 0.17KG (0.37 lb)
  • Total weight Camera and battery): 1.25KG (2.76lb)
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