Dilog 9083P Multifunction Tester

DiLog 18th Edition Test Meter with FREE Dilog Kit containing Dilog Combivolt 2 - DL6790 Voltage And Continuity Tester, Dilog DL1203 carry case, QuickCheck Test Card and Calibration Certificate. Tests to Part P and 18th Edition Regulations.
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Dilog 9083P Multifunction Installation Tester DL9083P

This product has now been discontinued and replaced by the Dilog DL9110 Multifunction Tester.

The Dilog 9083P is an ideal low cost easy to navigate 17th Edition Mulifunction Tester. The 9083P is small and lightweight yet includes all the tests needed by a Part P electrician at a fraction of the cost. The Dilog 9083P 17th Edition and Part P tester allows you to test and certify electrical installations to the new 17th Edition and Part P regulations and 17th Edition / BS EN61557.

Along with already being one of the most cost effective mulifunction testers available we are please to announced that customers can now select a FREE Dilog Accessory bundle. The bundle consists of a Dilog Combivolt 2 - DL6790 Voltage and Continuity Tester, Dilog 9083P Carry Harness, QuickCheck Test Card and a Calibration Certificate.

The 9083P multi function tester allows you to test and measure Insulation, Continuity, RCD testing including tripping times, Loop Impedance, PSCC (prospective short circuit current), RCD auto test, socket polarity test. and even RCD LOC which allows loop testing without tripping any type of RCD.

What's In The Box?

  • Dilog 9083P Multifunction Tester Kit
  • Rugged Transportation case for the tester and leads
  • Test Leads with built in probes (Red, Green and Black)
  • Push on crocodile Clips ( Red, green and Black)
  • Push on probe for test lead (Red)
  • Mains power lead
  • 6 x AA Duracell ProCell Batteries
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty
The Dilog Accessory Bundle free gift option offers the following:
  • FREE Dilog Combivolt 2 Voltage Tester
  • FREE Dilog 9083P Carry Harness
  • FREE QuickCheck Test Card
  • FREE Calibration Certificate
  • Insulation resistance measurement with a test voltage of: 100V, 250V and 500V DC.
  • RCD testing - tripping time, tripping current, ramp current.
  • Loop impedance measurement without tripping any type of RCD - "RCD LOC"
  • PSCC - prospective short circuit current 0 - 26kA
  • Continuity test with auto Null facility to zero out test lead resistance
  • Protected against damage if accidentally connected across phases
  • Integrated Polarity test
  • Manufactured in the UK to BS EN 61557, IEC 61010-1, BS EN 61326
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