Drummond MTL20 Test Lamp

Voltage indication to 500V AC/DC with ability to a high current and differentiate between phantom and hazardous persistent voltages.
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John Drummond Test Lamp MTL20

The John Drummond MTL20 Test Lamp gives safe indication of voltage between 50V and 500V AC/DC. The MTL20 test lamp housing and probe both have a finger shield and insulated probe tip with only 4mm of exposed metal. A two layer double insulated cable with white inner insulation offers a clear warning of any abrasions that could compromise user safety. The cable is also resistant against heat and oil. The Drummond MTL20 test lamp is provided with an additional right angled probe tip to improve the unit's versatility and allow for voltage testing in the majority of circumstances. For ease of use this right angled probe can be rotated through 90, 180 and 270 degrees. The bulb of the MTL 20 offers four distinct bands of illumination that provide indications of voltages above 50, 100, 200 and 400 volts even in bright sunlight. This John Drummond test lamp DRUMTL20 allows for the accurate identification of dangerous voltages and enables the user to distinguish between 110V, 230V and phase to phase voltages in a 3 phase system.

In addition the Drummond MTL 20 has two test buttons that when pressed simultaneously will enable the test lamp to draw a high current. This allows the user to differentiate between phantom voltages and hazardous persistent voltages.

The robust design of the MTL20 test lamp meets the recommendations of the Health and Safety Executive (GS38) and complies with BS EN 61243-3 and BS EN 61010, CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V.

More Information
  • Maximum Working Voltage: 500V AC, 750V DC
  • Voltage Ranges: 50, 100, 200, 400V AC/DC
  • Range Detection: Automatically
  • Response Time: <0.1s
  • Frequency Range: DC, 0-65Hz
  • Test Current (500V AC/DC): <3.5mA
  • Test Current with switches depressed: 28mA at 240V AC, 60mA at 500V AC
  • Temperature Range: -10C to 55C
  • Humidity: max 85% rel.H
  • Measurement Category: CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V
  • Pollution Degree: 2
  • Protection Degree: IP67
  • Dimensions: 213 x 112 x 72mm
  • Weight: 350g