Martindale LTDV Extension Lead Tester

Use this LTDV Extension lead tester with various PAT testers: Martindale, Megger, Robin, Edgecumbe and Seaward
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Martindale LTDV Extension Lead Tester

The Martindale LTDV extension lead tester is an extension lead test adapter for both 110V and 230V extension leads. The Martindale LTDV can be use to check the continuity/bond of the safety earth and check the polarity of the phase neutral and earth conductors.The Martindale LTDV can be used to check conventional extension leads and IEC detachable leads as used with kettles,etc and IT equipment.


Compatable Testers

  • Martindale EasyPAT
  • Martindale MicroPAT
  • Martindale MPAT+
  • Seaward PAC1500xi
  • Seaward PAT1900xi
  • Seaward PAT2100xi
  • Seaward PAT500H
  • MPAT40
  • MPAT60
  • Megger PAT4
  • Robin SmartPAT 3000
  • Robin SmartPAT 5000
  • All Edgcumbe (Metrohm) PATs