Megger DLRO2 Hand-held 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

  • Includes new easy-to-use Difference Meter for rapid visual data comparisons
  • Three test modes; Normal Resistance, Long test leads & Inductive Resistance
  • CAT III 600V / CAT IV 300V, protected against inadvertent connections up to 600V
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Megger DLRO2 Hand-held 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

The Megger DLRO2 Hand-Held 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter is a rugged yet portable 2 A low resistance ohmmeter designed for fast, accurate and repeatable measurements. From aircraft and railways to the resistance of industry components, the DLRO2 measures low resistance values across a vast range of applications even in typically electrically noisy locations. Despite its handheld design, this ohmmeter features a dedicated long lead test and five current ranges; 2 A, 1 A, 100 mA, 10 mA and 1 mA. Use the long leads to provide up to 1 A into 4 ohms resistance without worrying about unnecessarily sacrificing test speeds. Made possible by high-capacity incorporated rechargeable batteries alongside a separate inductive load function, the DLRO2 can test smaller inductive loads by applying 2 A for at least 15 seconds.

Easily select any of the highly useful features stored within the Megger DLRO2 via the large, tactile rotary dial. Choose to perform a test in either unidirectional mode to save time & power, or bidirectional mode to disregard the effects of standing EMF voltages. The forward and reverse results of this type of test can be viewed on the device's secondary display. The ability to show 3 results simultaneously on the full colour LCD display, with configurable backlight, makes this instrument ideal for 3-phase systems. For added measurement stability, the DLRO2 will even warn the user when electrical noise or noise from poor probe/clip connections is present.

For quick data comparisons, the Megger Hand-Held DLRO2 comes equipped with a brand new innovative Difference Meter. This incredible new feature allows for repetitive measurements to be compared easily and quickly to an initial reference measurement. Set a reference point with the simple push of a button, the Difference Meter will then translate percentage difference to a needle in order to make change exceedingly visible to the user.

The safety features of the Megger DLRO2 are designed to protect the operator from inadvertent connections and ensure accuracy even when used in harsh weather conditions. The ohmmeter can protect itself from accidental live connections up to 600 V without blowing a fuse, and the IP54 rating prevents rain, moisture or dust from disrupting testing. With a 3 year warranty included, this reliable device has a high level of safety with a CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300 V rating to IEC61010. What's more, it comes supplied with kelvin clip test leads rated CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300 V. Minimise downtime thanks to the batteries capable of recharging in 2.5 hours, with as many as 500 x 2 A three second tests from one full charge.

Three Test Modes

The Megger DLRO2 Hand-held 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter includes three test modes from accomplishing different tasks:

  • Normal resistance mode (µΩ)
  • Fast/Long test leads test mode (mΩ)
  • Inductive resistance mode (µΩ)

Normal Resistance Mode

The most flexible of the three options, the user has complete control of the DLRO2's test features. With normal resistance mode enabled a maximum test current range can be manually chosen up to 2 A, the instrument will then auto range to suit the measured resistance up to that value. This is very useful if the component being tested features a limit to the current it can safely withstand.

Fast/long Test Leads Test Mode

When in this mode the DLRO2 is set for speed, with all settings optimised for the fastest testing possible and if required, the addition of long test leads. The test current is only one direction, resistance is displayed in mΩ and only for currents 1 A and above. There is only one option to choose between, manual or auto, operated by either a button press or when the ohmmeter automatically detects continuity.

This mode is ideal should the user not have much experience with the Megger DLRO2 as there are no settings to change. If the required minimum test current is 1 A, the measurements are needed only in mΩ or long leads necessary this mode will greatly increases workflow.

Inductive Resistance Mode

In this configuration the test current of the hand-held DLRO2 will be set 1 A so as to decrease charge time and the current will be auto ranged up as the inductance is charged. What sets this mode apart is the intuitive auto stop feature, monitoring the rate of change the ohmmeter will automatically stop the test the instant the result is stable. Highly useful for applications such as those with continuity detection at less than 2000 Ω.

Full Scale
Test Current Resolution Normal
Resistance Mode
Inductive Mode Long Test Lead
Mode (1 A Only)
15000μΩ 2.00A 1μΩ    
120.00 mΩ 2.00 A 0.01 mΩ    
1000.0 mΩ 2.00 A 0.1 mΩ    
30.000mΩ 1.00A 0.001mΩ
240.00mΩ 1.00A 0.01mΩ
2200.0mΩ 1.00A 0.1mΩ
300.00 mΩ 100 mA 0.01 mΩ    
2500.0 mΩ 100 mA 0.1 mΩ    
20.000Ω 100mA 0.001Ω  
3000.0 mΩ 10.0 mA 0.1 mΩ    
24.000 Ω 10.0 mA 0.001 Ω    
200.00Ω 10.0mA 0.01Ω  
30.000 Ω 1.00 mA 0.001 Ω    
240.00 Ω 1.00 mA 0.01 Ω    
2000.0Ω 1.00mA 0.1Ω  

Wide Array of Applications

The Megger DLRO2 Hand-held 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter is suitable for a substantial amount of tasks and with the inclusion of the separate test modes, this level of practicality is increased even further.

  • Automotive and EV – Weld quality, crimped connections quality, battery connections and assembly robot welding cables
  • Component manufacturers – Quality control
  • Data centres – During installation of main electrical panel, UPS systems & generator. Verification of protective device contact resistance, parallel feed, optimum resistance over torque, busbar, busbar lapped joints & cable lug to busbar connections.
  • Electrical infrastructure – Cable length, cable resistance from one end, identifying parallel supplies while connected, cable to lug to connection fault finding. Checking assembled connections main supply cables and panels, UPS and changeover panels, switchgear and protective devices, interlinking busbars & cables, lightning protection systems, final circuits, distribution and PDU boards.
  • Medical hand-held opportunity – Earthing and bonding systems for protection against macro and micro-shock.
  • Oil and gas pipelines – Testing the bonding between welded joints & grounding systems.
  • Panel/switchgear manufacturers – Site commissioning, end of production line testing, maintenance and fault finding.
  • Rail, tram and underground – Rolling stock and infrastructure, signalling systems and track high current joints.
  • Robotics – Grounding of machine, the wiring systems and connections which are subject to stress/movement/vibration, bonding of component parts to minimise static & welding leads of robot spot welder.
  • Space exploration and engineering – Carbon fibre to metal, structural metal to metal, ground network metal to metal and carbon fibre to carbon fibre.

Fast/ Long test leads example applications include:

  • Aviation – Lightning protection testing measuring mΩ resistance between receptors, wing tip to wing tip etc. With optional long cable reel test leads available, these can be used for assembly of components, interconnection of equipment, maintenance and repair.
  • Manufacturing - Quality control, cable length, cable resistance and large cable looms or assemblies etc.
  • Marine – Power wiring systems, protection systems, ship-to-shore bonding, cathode protection system testing, subsea cable laying applications and cable resistance and ground connections.
  • Wind turbines – Lightning protection, measuring mΩ resistance between wing tip to ground connection at base. Optional long cable reel test leads are available.

Inductive Resistance Mode example applications include:

  • Electric motors small to medium in size such as railway traction motor stator winding resistance
  • Small power distribution transformers

Key Features

  • Hand-held portable low resistance ohmmeter
  • Dependable even in typically electrically noisy situations
  • Five current test ranges; 2 A, 1 A, 100 mA, 10 mA and 1 mA
  • Intuitive Difference Meter feature
  • Customise Difference Meter settings such as reference point
  • Includes three different test modes
  • Normal Resistance Mode most flexible
  • Fast/Long Test Leads Test mode designed for speed
  • Inductive Resistance Mode for auto ranging the test current with auto-stop
  • Dedicated long lead test provides up to 1 A into 4 ohms resistance
  • High capacity reachable batteries included
  • Separate inductive load function
  • Test smaller inductive loads with 2 A for at least 15 seconds
  • Unidirectional mode saves on time & power
  • Bidirectional mode ignores the effects of standing EMF voltages
  • View bidirectional results on secondary display
  • Ideal for 3-phase systems, capable of displaying 3 results simultaneously
  • Alerts the user to electrical noise or poor probe/clip connection
  • Full colour LCD display
  • Configurable backlight
  • Rugged Design
  • Tactile rotary design
  • Protected up to 600 V accidental connection
  • IP54 rated for protection against moisture and dust particles
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300 V rating to IEC61010
  • Supplied with kelvin clip test leads rated CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300
  • Batteries recharge in 2.5 hours
  • One full charge - up to 500 x 2 A three second tests
  • Suitable for a wealth of different tasks
  • 3 Year warranty

Megger part number: DLRO2

What's In The Box?
  • Megger DLRO2 Hand-held 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety warnings sheet
  • Product warranty and registration
  • 3 year warranty extension card
  • Certificate of test (EN/FR/ES/DE)
  • USB memory stick:
    User guide
    Quick start guide
  • Batteries: six 1.2 V NiMH AA 2000 mAHR (fitted)
  • Charger Power Supply
  • Kelvin clip lead set CAT IV 300, 10 A
  • Kelvin probe lead set CAT IV 300, 10 A
  • Hanging hook and strap
  • Soft pouch
More Information


  • Dimensions: 228 x 105 x 75mm (8.98 x 4.1 x 2.95 in)
  • Display: Full LCD colour screen with user configurable backlight
  • Weight: 905g

Safety and Electrical Protection

  • Safety rating:
    - CATIII 600 V / CATIV 300 V to EN 61010, IEC 61010-031 : 2015, IEC 61010-030
    - Safety category rating valid to altitude of 3000 m
  • Live voltage:
    - Active live voltage protection to 600 V between any test terminals without blowing a fuse
    - Live voltage warning on display and audible when >5 V is applied between any test terminals
    - Fuse protected to 1000 V, fuses are not user changeable

Test Current Output

(Normal resistance test mode)

  • Current ranges: 2 A, 1 A, 100 mA, 10 mA and 1 mA
  • Maximum compliance output voltage: 3.24 V (1 A mode) 2.2 V (2 A mode)
  • Current output accuracy:
    - Normal and inductive mode: ±10%
    - Long lead test mode: +10% - 0%
    - At all battery conditions except with low battery indication
  • Thermal EMF/Seebeck effect compensation: Yes, average of forward and reverse test current measurements

Low Resistance Measurement

  • Resistance measurement test modes:
    - Normal test mode
    - Fast mΩ / long test lead mode
    - Inductive test mode (resistance of inductive loads)
  • Overall resistance range: 1 μΩ – 2000 Ω
  • Max resistance across C terminals:
    2 A with up to 1.1 Ω total resistance
    1 A with up to 3.2 Ω total resistance
  • Basic accuracy:
    - Bi-directional test current mode: +/- 1% +/- 2 digits
    - Uni-directional test current mode: +/- 1% +/- 10 digits
    - Inductive mode or unidirectional mode will introduce an undefined error if an external EMF is present


  • Noise immunity:
    - Less than 1% ±20 digits additional error with 80 mV peak 50/60 Hz with on screen noise limit indicator
    - Less than 1% ±20 digits additional error with 80 mV peak 400 Hz with on screen noise limit indicator
  • EMC:
    - IEC61326-1
    - Industrial specification IEC61326-2-2
  • Dust and moisture ingress: IP54 to IEC60529 in use
  • Altitude: Operational to 3000m
  • Temperature:
    - Operational range 0 ˚C to 50 ˚C
    - Storage range -20 ˚C to 50 ˚C
  • Humidity:
    - Operational to 95 %
    - Storage to 90 %

Power Supply

  • Battery:
    - Rechargeable 6 x HR6 NiMH batteries with built-in fast charge
    (also has the ability to use non-rechargeable alkaline AA batteries (LR6))
  • Battery charge time: < 4 hours
  • Battery life: >1000 bi-directional tests at 2 A auto into a 1 Ω load

Battery Charge Adaptor

  • Mains/line input voltage: 100 to 240 V
  • Mains/line input frequency: 47 to 63 Hz
  • Output: 12 V DC 1.2 A 14.4 W max
  • Type: Travel adaptor/interchangeable plug adaptor
  • Plug types: Australia, USA, Europe and UK plugs


  • Test terminals: 4 X 4 mm shrouded sockets
  • Data: USB (For firmware updates only), the user may update instrument firmware to latest version themselves
  • Battery charger: 2.5 mm DC jack connector