Megger XTL30 R2 Test Lead Extension

30m Extension test lead for direct R2 measurements. Can be used with a variety of electricians test meters to help speed up installation testing.
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Megger XTL30 Test Lead Extension

This Megger XLT30 R2 test lead extension is 30m long as is suitable for direct R2 measurements so eliminating the need for crossover connections and R1 and R2 measurements. The furthest point in the circuit can easily be verified and each earth point on the circuit checked for integrity prior to energising. Megger 1000-215 Part number

Megger XTL50 R2 Testing Extension Reel Key Features:

  • Suitable for direct R2 measurements
  • Tangle free cable guide to allow easy rewind of 30m cable
  • Light, rugged and compact design
  • Speeds up testing on electrical installations
  • 4mm safety plugs