Megger SIA10 Socket Interface Adaptor 1004-323

Safely test insulation and continuity at plug sockets with having to disassemble the socket. Compatible with Megger Loop and RCD Testers.
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Megger SIA10 Socket Interface Adaptor (1004-323)

The Megger SIA10 Socket Interface Adaptor provides a safe and simple solution to testing insulation and continuity at a 13A UK power socket without the need to disassemble the socket and risk exposing live conductors.

The Megger 6220-810 socket adaptor is ideal for use when the electrical outlet is in a tight space and in difficult access locations. In addition, this socket interface adaptor can perform Phase-Earth or Phase-Neutral loop or impedance testing.

This socket test lead is compatible with Megger's LT, LRCD and RCDT range of Loop and RCD Testers.

Megger Socket Interface Adaptor Features

  • Allows sockets to be tested without disassembly
  • Prevents damage to connections
  • Reduces test time
  • Decoration remains in tact
  • Colour coded for simplicity of use
  • Makes testing easy where access to socket is limited
  • Remains safe if left inadvertently connected to live supply
  • Test end: UK BS1363 13 A 3-pin
  • Instrument End: Colour coded 4 mm plug with safety shroud
  • Voltage: 0V to 600V DC/AC (0/1kHz)
  • Safety rating: IEC/EN61010-1:2001-02
  • Over voltage: CAT II 300 V
  • Length: 1.48m
  • Weight: 230g